GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Update Vehicles List

One of the most exciting things about the various GTA online updates are the cars that come with them! Similarly, The Diamond Casino Heist update brings 12 new vehicles that you can buy If you have enough cash. As for that cash you can generate it from the arcade that you must buy in order to carry out the Casino heist itself or if you plan the heist really well and manage to make the most out of it which is according to Rockstar, 2.1 Million Dollars, then buying the cars wouldn’t be a problem for you. Below is the complete guide to all the GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist vehicles.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Vehicles

All the new Diamond Casino Heist cars come with their own unique set of features and abilities and most certainly price tags where you have the option to buy them at discounted prices which are conditional.

The prices of these vehicles along with where you can buy them are as follows

  • Boxville – carrying a price tag of $39800 and available at Warstock Cache and Carry, is a utility van
  • Bugstars Burruito- costing $598500 and available at Warstock Cache and Carry, this is rather useful if you worry about bugs
  • Blazers Lifeguard – the cheapest vehicle in the latest GTA Online update, only $62000 and is available at Warstock as well, is basically a Quadbike
  • Lifequard- for $865000, you don’t have to worry about driving on sand and losing traction! Buy it at Warstock as well if you want
  • Stockade – Warstock has this amazing armored vehicle for $2240000 and the price is self-explanatory
  • Firetruck -available at Warstock for $3295000, a fire truck with a water cannon, might come in handy who knows

Let’s look into the Diamond Casino Heist vehicles THE SAN ANDREAS SUPER AUTO STORE CARS have to offer

  • Maxwell Asbo for $40800 is a hatchback with comparatively better stats in its category when it comes to performance
  • Rapid Retiune MK II for $1620000 is basically a better version of Retiune I with a better engine and better suspension
  • Kevin Everon, get this monster truck for $1475000 and drive with dominance
  • Maxwell Vagrant is a Buggy that can help you win races when it comes to mountains and off-roading. This one costs $2214000

You can buy two more GTA Online cars in this update from LEGENDARY MOTORSPORT CARS

  • Lampadati Kamoda a fast sedan providing luxurious vibe and adrenaline rush and this one costs $1700000
  • Ubermatch Rebta GTS costing $1175000 is more of a luxury car which is only more expensive than the KAMODA but when it comes to performance the later wins

So these are all the vehicles in the new heist, go check them out