PlayStation 4 Update 7.01 Is Live, Improves System Performance

PlayStation 4 has received firmware Update 7.01. You can now download firmware Update 7.01 for the PS4. The download and install size of Update 7.01 on the PS4 will be 400 MB. This update only improves the system performance and stability of the console. Below you will find the complete list of PS4 Update 7.01 patch notes.

  • This system software update improves system performance.

In other news, PlayStation has aired the fourth episode of State of Play, its live broadcast format to announce the next news for PS4 and PS VR. Among them is the much-anticipated Resident Evil 3 Remake, the release date of Dreams, the first gameplay of Babylon’s Fall and an advance trailer of the exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, among other things.

Capcom has officially announced Resident Evil 3 Remake, which will arrive on April 3, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As with Resident Evil 2 Remake, the title will adapt the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from 1999 to the current era using again the RE graphic Engine and using a third-party camera.

Although we knew that the new PlatinumGames and Square Enix game was going to show up before the end of 2019, we didn’t expect the State of Play to be the place chosen to do so. This first video with gameplay for Babylon’s Fall presents an action game with the DNA of the Japanese studio. We will know more details of this game for PS4 and PC in the summer of 2020.

The State of Play has closed with a teaser trailer from Ghost of Tsushima, the new exclusive PS4 game from Sucker Punch Productions, the creators of the Infamous and Sly Racoon series. The video barely lasts a few seconds and places us at the gala of The Game Awards, which will take place at dawn from December 12 to 13, to see the rest of the trailer.

Dreams was launched in early access on April 16, 2019 and since then more than 100,000 players have shared their works: games, models, music, animated movies. It will be on February 14, 2020 when it reaches stores in its final version at a price of €39.99.

The DLC that will expand the history of Kingdom Hearts III will add thirteen final bosses, multiple challenges, more difficulty settings and a secret episode, among other things. The standard edition of this additional content, whose trailer was leaked this weekend, will cost €29.99. It arrives on January 23 on PS4 and two days later on Xbox One.

Illfonic and Fox Games have announced that Predator: Hunting Grounds will arrive on April 24 on PlayStation 4 and PC with a new trailer where they have confirmed the presence of the female Predator and the possibility of choosing different types of Predators. You will face four soldiers who must meet a series of objectives with another user who will control the monster.

Éric Chahi has shown a new trailer for his next project, Paper Beast, which confirms the launch of this virtual reality game in early 2020. The proposal of Pixel Reef, the new studio of the creator of Another World and From Dust, will lead us to explore a strange ecosystem full of animals made with origami.

As of December 17, Sony console players will be able to goose. The comic puzzle game with elements of graphic adventure of House House, Untitled Goose Game, arrives on PS4 and Xbox One the same day after being published in September for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Spellbreak will arrive in beta in early 2020 for PS4. It is a battle royale that promises to twist the foundations of the genre. Here there are no weapons and armor to collect, but gauntlets that give us two magical abilities that we can combine to invoke tornadoes, teleport or throw fireballs. The devs promise that there will be missions, rogue-like elements and an interesting world.

Superliminal is an original first-person puzzle game that was published on PC last November 12 and will arrive at the Sony console sometime in 2020. Developed by Pillow Castle, its proposal is to advance through different scenarios solving puzzles where the perspective will allow us to dwarf and aggrandize the different objects of the locations.