Titanfall 2 Playerbase Skyrockets On PS4 After Game Appears On PS Plus

Playstation Plus can often be a boon for games that don’t get much of a chance when they initially release, and Titanfall 2 is no exception this time around. The game is one of the free games for December, and has seen the Titanfall 2 playerbase skyrocket in numbers since it went up.

Titanfall 2 is, of course, the sequel to the original Titanfall game, the first game developed by Respawn Entertainment. While it improved on many aspects of the original game, such as having an actual story campaign, better multiplayer, and more gadgets, it didn’t have a good start on its own.

This was due to Titanfall 2’s release schedule, which put a much smaller and less-known shooter right in the middle of the release dates of two different, much more popular shooter games, in this case Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and then Battlefield 1.

This meant that Titanfall barely had any time to make an impression, and since then the game has been fairly sparse on players, only averaging around 1,500 on a good day. However, ever since the Titanfall 2 playerbase was reenergized by the game appearing on Playstation Plus, the game has seen up to 70,000 players joining.

This is a doubly good time for Respawn Entertainment, especially since they released their first-ever non-Titanfall based game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order back in mid-November, which in itself received great reviews and proved to be a commercial success.

While Respawn is more focused on Apex Legends currently, hopefully the renewed success of Titanfall 2 this month will make EA more receptive to a new Titanfall game, rather than having yet another battle royale clogging the markets all the time at the expense of Respawn’s other projects.

If you never got the opportunity to play Titanfall 2, and are a PS Plus member, you can download the game right now for free on the Playstation Store to add yourself to the Titanfall 2 playerbase.