New Splinter Cell Rumored For The Game Awards 2019

In the past several months, Ubisoft has teased the possibility of returning to the franchise with a new Splinter Cell installment. There were also supposed leaks about a possible announcement being made, none of which ever happened. With the year drawing to a close, the rumor mill has started churning once again.

Last week, an anonymous user claiming to be an insider stated on 4chan that Ubisoft will be announcing a new Splinter Cell at The Game Awards 2019 for next-generation platforms. Based on what the source revealed, Ubisoft has divided the workflow between multiple studios such as Ubisoft Spain and Ubisoft Blue Byte.

The new installment will apparently see voice actor Michael Ironside reprise his role as Sam Fisher. Gameplay will focus on two kinds of approach in every situation: offensive and stealth. Ubisoft has also been working on multiple modes for the new Splinter Cell. Should the rumor be legitimate, players will get to choose from multiplayer, split-screen co-op, local lan, and a competitive mode. Interestingly, Ubisoft will be integrating in-game voice chat as well and support for third-party voice applications like Discord and TeamSpeak.

  • 21 linear story missions (multiplayer & split-screen co-op)
  • 16 side missions (multiplayer & split-screen co-op)
  • Spies vs Mercs (multiplayer, lan & competitive)
  • Extract and Escape (multiplayer, lan & competitive)
  • Defuse or Eliminate (multiplayer, lan & competitive)

The only problem with the rumor is that if Ubisoft is really working on a new Splinter Cell, why even make the announcement at The Game Awards 2019? The company will be doing a press conference at E3 2020 anyway, and next year’s expo will be all about next-generation games. Hence, saving that Splinter Cell announcement for E3 2020 would make more sense.

The Game Awards 2019 will take place in just a few days. Its host Geoff Keighley has already teased that a number of new games are going to be announced. However, there’s no telling if a new Splinter Cell will be one of them.

The last installment to grace the franchise was Splinter Cell: Blacklist in 2013. Since then, Ubisoft has been focusing on other projects. Fair to say, the time for Sam Fisher to return is now.