DualShock 5 Might Let You Share Controls With Others

In the past months, there have been several reports about features that could possibly make their way into the new DualShock 5 controller. You can now add one more potential feature to that growing list.

Sony has been spotted (via LetsGoDigital) to have patented a new method that allows multiple players to control a single in-game character with their own DualShock 5 controllers. Sony looks to be gunning for added interactive and social features with PlayStation 5 and this recently published patent does just that by essentially turning a single-player experience into multiplayer.

Based on the attached images, a DualShock 5 controller can be split into three portions to be used by three players. The first player, for example, will be assigned the joysticks; the second player can use the control buttons and the third player gets the triggers. Taking a first-person shooter as a likely scenario, the three players can divide gameplay among themselves where the first player moves the character, the second one shoots, and the third does actions like jumping over or taking cover behind obstacles.

In the same context, a fighting game can have multiple players controlling the same character through DualShock 5 as well. One player can be assigned to do high attacks, while the other does low attacks, leaving another player to move the character on the screen.

The whole method about sharing DualShock 5 controls with other players sounds like something any player would want to try out, but not something that won’t require some getting used to. Frustration is likely to creep in as every player attempts to be the dominant controller. Hence, it would be more logical if Sony was planning to have games on PlayStation 5 that have gameplay designed around control-sharing.

Elsewhere, Sony has also patented a new multifunctional controller that can be connected to other devices such as a console, smart television set, or smartphone with either an internet connection or bluetooth. A built-in touchscreen would allow the user to access features like listening to music, checking emails, sending messages, downloading and playing games, viewing images, and other social activities. While uncertain if that patent was referring to DualShock 5, the multifunctional controller will have all kinds of sensors like fingerprint and heartbeat sensors, a gyroscope and an acceleration sensor as well for motion control. Basically, suggesting fitness- and location-based support applications from Sony.

With PlayStation 5 set to launch in the holiday season of 2020, Sony will finally be revealing its next-generation console next year. It will only be then when we’ll know for sure what exactly DualShock 5 is packing.