BioShock 4 Can Do Live Service If Fans Want

Cloud Chamber, working under publisher 2K Games, has ascertained that critical feedback from fans will decide where BioShock 4 goes from hereon.

Speaking with GamesRadar in a recent interview, global studio head Kelley Gilmore was asked if ongoing development will consider some of the recent industrial trends for BioShock 4 like live service models.

She acknowledged how the community has evolved since BioShock Infinite was released and how players these days are looking for increased replay value and online interactions in their purchases. However, Cloud Chamber realizes that “there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution” and hence, the developer will rely on the fans to understand what they want from BioShock 4.

In other words, Cloud Chamber will support the upcoming installment in whatever way the community wishes, even if that means nailing down a live service business model for post-release content and updates.

This [live service] is another area of our industry that continues to evolve as players are looking for more from their gaming experiences. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, so it will be incredibly important early in our development process to listen to our audience and understand what they’re hoping to see in the next BioShock.

Yesterday, a press release from parent company Take-Two Interactive officially announced Cloud Chamber as a new studio working on BioShock 4 under the publishing label of 2K Games. The announcement made it sound like development has only begun. The truth is that Cloud Chamber has been active for nearly two years, while BioShock 4 is even older than that.

Interestingly, an anonymous source claiming to have gotten hold of a company document from inside 2K Games leaked several details about BioShock 4 earlier this year, as well as stating the installment to be in a “rather solid and advance state of development”.

If rumors are to be believed, BioShock 4 will be a direct sequel to the second installment and will continue the story of Rapture. There will be a new protagonist named Lucas, who will become involved after being accused to be the one behind the downfall of Rapture. Eleanor Lamb is possibly returning in BioShock 4 from the first two installments. She’s the daughter of Sofia Lamb and a previous Little Sister of Rapture. There are also the Lutece twins from BioShock Infinite, quantum physicists who can apparently travel through alternate universes.

Cloud Chamber is obviously eying a next-generation launch. That release, though, is still several years away despite BioShock 4 being in the works since early 2018 at least. Cloud Chamber will likely take its time before revealing anything. However, there’s a small chance of getting a debut trailer sometime next year.