Monstrum 2 Will Only Have Cosmetic Microtransactions

Team Junkfish is on their wake of bringing us a sequel to Monstrum, this time packing it with the full multiplayer experience. Monstrum 2 will release late next year and it will ship as a game-as-service with no loot boxes and pay-to-win mechanics. Exactly what we needed to get hyped.

This time around, Monstrum 2 will be set on a sea-fortress posing as a test facility. Players will face at least 3 monsters at launch, in procedurally generated scenarios, in a similar fashion to that of Dead by Daylight.

Dare we say, Monstrum feels a lot more horror-y than its immediate competitor and its isolated setting makes it a perfect score for hardcore horror gamers. We recently talked to Team Junkfish and found out that Monstrum 2 will be supported after launch with new monsters, new mechanics and levels. At least, that’s what the team hopes:

We are hoping to continue support for Monstrum 2 long after launch with new monsters, gameplay mechanics and levels.

To top that, Junkfish intends to add no excessive microtransactions into their upcoming game, even though it will be fully multiplayer. Games like this always come with a robust scheme of behind-the-scenes microtransactions, Junkfish won’t jump on the hype train though.

They plan on getting unlockable skins as purchasable items but that’s about it. Their reasoning behind it makes complete sense:

Right now our plan is quite simple, pay for in-game currency to buy the skins you would like straight away. No loot boxes. The reason for micro-transactions is to help us keep up with server costs and any ongoing development work.

Monstrum 2 has a set release window for the last quarter of 2020 and will be available on PC through Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Team Junkfish has no plans on releasing their upcoming game on Google Stadia and there’s no word of getting it to next-gen consoles.