Monstrum 2 Interview – Switching From Single to Multiplayer

Team Junkfish, the developer behind Monstrum is now working on Monstrum 2. The sequel however, is not a single-player experience. Monstrum 2 is 4 vs 1 survival horror experience similar to Turtle Rock’s evolve. The game uses procedural generation method to spice things up. We had a chance to talk to the developer of Monstrum 2 and as a result, some interesting tidbits about the game came to light.

Why was the switch made from single player to multiplayer when making Monstrum 2? Was there something about 1 that you felt was lacking? Was there a demand in your fans for allowing more players?

When we first released Monstrum, there were quite a few responses from players asking for multiplayer or for the chance to play as the monster. Monstrum, in its current state, would not work well for a multiplayer game as a player monster could easily spot a player hiding and kill them compared to the rules and cases we had added to the A.I. Etc.

Monstrum met all of our goals for a single-player horror experience and watching people get scared made it all worth it! We always knew we would come back to the Monstrum world but weren’t sure which direction it would take. So we did some early prototypes and playtests and found the multiplayer route to be really fun and super tense and that is why we are now making Monstrum 2 multiplayer.

People compare Monstrum 2 a lot to another multiplayer horror game called Dead by Daylight. Do you agree with the comparison? Or do you think Monstrum 2 is more than just a Nautical Dead by Daylight?

Monstrum 2 and DBD definitely share the same genre, but we’re looking to incorporate as many aspects of Monstrum that people loved as we can – constantly tinkering and testing to see how they can work in a multiplayer experience. Some of the ways we believe we differ include:

1) The sea fort is procedurally generated, is more vertical in terms of getting about, and is a generally larger area to navigate
2) Hiding is very important and it can be extremely hard to win a game without doing so
3) The game features a variety of items and different kinds of puzzles around the fort for the players to solve
4) It is 1st person

The release date is still roughly about a year away. Could we see changes made to the current model/build of the game in a radical sense? Maybe features you’re still contemplating about perhaps?

Right now we are very happy with our core gameplay, but things can always change based on player feedback so we can’t say for sure just now as we still have a lot of work to do!

Will the game Monstrum 2 be multiplayer only? Are there plans for adding some sort of single-player option? Perhaps even a co-op option like 2 players vs the monster?

As of right there is no plan for any single player elements – you will need to play online with other people.

Are we going to see new monsters and if so, how many new monsters? Will they all be made and available by launch or will more be released down the line as additions?

We can confirm there will be 3 monsters on launch, one of which will be the Brute. We hope to release more Monsters later on too!

Is your plan with the game long-term in the sense of being a live service model? Meaning content will be continually supported and added for the game maybe?

We are hoping to continue support for Monstrum 2 long after launch with new monsters, gameplay mechanics and levels.

Procedural generation was a pretty big part of what made the original game so unpredictable with how players didn’t know which monster they started off with. Do you think the replacement of that with the unpredictability of a player is an improvement or downgrade?

Definitely an improvement!! With the monsters their A.I was quite predictable once you knew the rules. So the chase and hide sequences could get very predictable after a while. With a player controlling the monster it is the exact opposite! You have no clue if they will check each hiding spot, how long they will stay in an area or if they actually heard/saw you. It certainly has had us screaming in the office during our playtests!

Obviously, with a player-controlled monster we are aware that you can get ‘trolling’ and players not playing as intended but we hope that with the systems and gameplay we have designed in mind this will not happen as often.

Evolve was an intriguing 4vs1 concept when it launched but the game failed in the long run. How are you guys planning to tackle the issue of longevity?

We believe our procedural generation will be key to our longevity – it significantly helped with replayability in Monstrum and we can introduce new features to it over time to keep things interesting. The mix of the unknown keeps makes each game feel somewhat fresh and exciting!

We’re also looking to include associated unlockables to give our audience different goals to strive towards. We want to reward our players for their hard work and love of the game!

Are you guys developing anything for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett? Will Monstrum 2 be released for those? Any plans?

Right now we are still looking into a lot of things but we haven’t ruled anything out.

Have you thought about bringing your game to Google Stadia? If not, why? If the resources aren’t an issue, that is.

We are focusing on getting the game out so we have no plans for Stadia just now but we have been keeping an eye on it.

With the next-generation of consoles approaching, how do you think it’s going to change the landscape of gaming for relatively smaller studios?

We don’t think too much will change.