Did Heartman Just Tease Death Stranding 2?

Death Stranding was only released last month to critical acclaim but fans already want to know if a sequel has been greenlit by Sony or not.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, producer and actor Darren Jacobs, who voiced the character of Heartman in the game, shared a photo of himself with director Hideo Kojima. Scrawled on the image are the words: “Heartman will return” — addressed to “friends” or the fans of the Death Stranding in this case.

It goes without saying that the antics immediately fueled hopes for a Death Stranding sequel. That being said, the Heartman actor may have not been teasing a second installment at all and may have as well been just thanking fans for their love. Kojima never announced any post-release content for Death Stranding but a certain part of the community has taken this latest development to be an indication for a story-based expansion pack with Heartman in the middle.

Kojima recently did express an interest in returning to the drawing board for another Death Stranding installment. However, at the same time, he outlined a few requirements and wishes of his own that would be necessary for a sequel in what Kojima Productions has been touting to be a new genre.

Firstly, a sequel would have to start from scratch. Kojima would naturally be borrowing core elements from the original but a second game will have to offer something different in its own capacity. Secondly, Kojima is very interested in working with actor Norman Reedus again on another project. Hence, if a Death Stranding sequel happens, he would want the Walking Dead star to return as well.

Death Stranding recently received a new update that added performance improvements and network optimizations while heading into the holiday season. Kojima Productions is likely to take it easy for now as everyone prepares for the festive month. Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4 for those interested. The Christmas sales are likely to get you an attractive discount.

In our review, we found that Kojima may have swerved off course in trying to integrate novelty features. However, Death Stranding still has other attractions that makes it a potential purchase for both old and new Kojima fans.