Football Manager 2020 Hotfix 20.2.1 Patch Notes – Addressed Some Stability Issues

Football Manager 2020 has received Hotfix 20.2.1. You can now download Hotfix 20.2.1 on PC. You will find that Hotfix 20.2.1 addressed some general stability issues. Sometimes your PC will crash before/after matches take place, but with this Hotfix it has been fixed.

Football Manager 2020 challenges players to continue dominating the world of football team management with a new installment where every decision counts. This is thanks to the new features and refined mechanics of Football Manager 2020, which add freshness and authenticity, giving managers more power to better control their destiny and that of their team. Below you will find the complete list of Football Manager 2020 Hotfix 20.2.1 patch notes.

  • Fix for users encountering crashes before/after matches taking place
  • Fix for rare issue when user encounters crash when attempting to add an additional tactic
  • Fix for rare issue where users are unable to go past ‘Match Preview’ screen before a match
  • Fix for users unable to enter password via game status screen on low resolution systems

At Sports Interactive, they are in agreement with the environment, and that is why they have presented a new version of the physical packaging of Football Manager 2020 that is made of recycled cardboard and with which they intend to bind the fans with the environment.

They have done so with the presentation of what will be the new packaging of the franchise as of now, one consisting of recycled cardboard box and printed with vegetable ink, which replace the old plastic box mechanisms. Their studio director Miles Jacobson made the following statement.

It looks just as good and has less plastic and therefore less impact on the environment. It would be foolish not to get rid of the plastic format.

I remind you that Sports Interactive and SEGA’s Football Manager 2020 released on November 19, 2019 for PC.