Halo Reach A Monument to All Your Sins & Gods Must Be Strong Achievements Guide

In this guide, we will discuss two of the most difficult achievements related to Halo Reach MCC campaign that require you to play on legendary. When you have completed “A Monument to All Your Sins” you will also unlock “Gods Must Be Strong”. Let’s continue with our Halo Reach A Monument to All Your Sins & Gods Must Be Strong Achievements Guide.

Halo Reach A Monument to All Your Sins & Gods Must Be Strong Achievements Guide

A Monument to All Your Sins
You have to complete each Campaign Mission on Legendary difficulty alone.

Gods Must Be Strong
Complete this Campaign on Legendary difficulty.

Now let’s talk about weapons.

The most efficient weapons and effective weapons in the game are the Needle Rifle and DMR. As they are present abundantly all over the game which makes their ammunition easily available. This is significant as it would be a problem if you run out of ammunition.

They have a good range and can engage enemies at a distance easily. If having prevalent ammunition is a top priority for you then you would prefer the DMR as all the UNSC allies will be using it.

However, if you use the Needle Rifle you would benefit from the explosion caused due to hitting an enemy three time repeatedly fast.

Another good option is the Plasma Pistol as a secondary weapon as it can remove enemy shields, immobilize vehicles, and also kill grunts.

Ammunition for this weapon is also readily available throughout the map the same as the aforementioned weapons.

In order to defeat a shielded enemy the best combo would be to charge up the plasma and disable the enemy shield and then headshot them with a DMR.

You also need conserve grenades as you conserve ammo. A grenade can be very useful when dealing with tough enemies.

The better choice would be the Covenant Grenade instead of the UNSC one because it is more precise because of its ability to not roll.

Now moving on to heavy weapons; we have the Rocket, Fuel Rod Cannon, Plasma Cannon, and Spartan Laser which are your best bet for taking out tough enemies or vehicles.

As these weapons are rare; so you should use them accordingly as their ammo is also scarce. That one last shot can be worth it when put in a tough situation.

Now we will discuss the allies we can have in the game.

The UNSC can prove to be very helpful as they have unlimited ammo for the heavy weapons they use, but their drawback is that they die early in the fight because of being vulnerable and due to this I would suggest not to use the UNSC marine.

The following mission will let you have a Spartan ally:

  1. Winter Contingency
  2. ONI: Sword Base
  3. Nightfall (Partial)
  4. Tip of The Spear
  5. Long Night of Solace
  6. The Package (Partial)
  7. The Pillar of Autumn

These allies will prove to be more helpful but there are some cons for them as well. Although they don’t die quickly, but you cannot trade weapons with them.

None of the allies have a perfect AI which is why it would be helpful to use them as bait and not even be sorry about it.

Next, we will discuss the vehicles present in the game.

We are always tempted to use vehicles, but it is always not the best choice to do so. This is because if you choose to let the AI ally drive while you operate the gun, it would always be the worst choice as they are the extremely bad drivers.

Also, if you avoid vehicles you would be able to take alternate paths and take out enemies on the way on your own pace. This would be very useful as Warthog and Ghost don’t have good range.

The best vehicles to use would be Gauss and Rocket Warthogs, and Scorpions basically because of their weapons.

Also, an honorable mention goes to Wraiths which area great choice as you can drive whilst using the canon.

In case you are using the Gauss and Rocket Warthogs at range just make sure you are the one who drives.

Now let’s discuss armor abilities that can help you get these legendary achievements in Halo Reach MCC.

Armor Abilities
For getting these achievements it is integral that you utilize checkpoint which will occur after a battle when you progress to a new area. 

You will also witness them coming up during the battles which can sometimes be an issue.

They have provided this feature that after dying a certain number of times, you will be reverted back to your last checkpoint that came before that one. This helps you being killed again and again.

You can use this feature to your advantage when you run out of ammunition, there is an option to commit suicide again and again in order to start from the second last checkpoint.

You can also create a new checkpoint by going back and going through the area boundaries. At certain points, you might have to wait around a bit to create a checkpoint.

Backtracking would help you restock ammunition or pick up a weapon you passed previously.

Following are some mission-specific tips:

Winter Contingency
If you sprint along the right side of the level, then it is possible to bypass the first encountered group of Covenant.

You can skip the second large fight beyond the river by being stealthy and move slowly towards the sheds on the left.

When Kat closes the door whilst in the later segment, it is possible to avoid fighting the Covenant as you can hide in the deepest corner instead.

ONI: Sword Base

  • If you didn’t read the vehicle part, this is for you. DO NOT LET THE AI DRIVE.
  • Save the sniper you find in the first section.
  • You will find a rocket launcher after taking care of the Wraiths in the second section on top of the hill on the right. If you give this to a marine and drive the vehicle yourself, that would be very useful.
  • When you get back to the Sword Base with the Gauss Warthog, it is possible to partially destroy the barricades at the entrance due to which you would be able to drive the Warthog through.


  • If you melee Grunts in the face this would let their gas tank explode allowing to stay undetected.
  • Focus on suing your sniper on the Elites.
  • If you strike the edges of the level, it would allow you to avoid some enemies and stay undetected.

Tip of the Spear

  • Be patient while using the Warthog and drive it yourself and keep ti alive for as long as possible. You can utilize it to take out the AA guns.
  • You can skip the bridge when you get to the Mining Facility and doing so would also let you bypass the related enemies. You can do this by driving the Warthog to canyon’s right and jumping up the rock face.
  • When the Falcon has crashed get the Jetpack because it would be you way into the Spire.

Long Night of Solace

  • Anchor-9 would make a great cover in the Sabre section.
  • You can skip the Banshees if you destroy the Phantoms.

These are the Exodus Missions.

New Alexandria
The club Easter egg will be activated if you press the two switches, one of them is present on top of Club Errera Roof and the second one is near the hospital. This will also trigger the spawning of three brutes and a Grunt squad instead of two Hunters.

The Package

  • Use the tank carefully to keep it with yourself for as long as possible.
  • It might be a better option to use the jetpack late in the mission in order to steal a banshee. Doing so will save you from the groundfire also providing you with great maneuverability.

The Pillar of Autumn

  • When waiting for Captain Keyes there will be a hidden ammunition cache on the platform that you need to defend. You can do this by meleeing the exterior wall close to the back side of the structure.
  • When you wait for the Covenant Cruiser to arrive, it is possible to get out of the MAC Cannon at the end of the mission. If you are having difficulties in this section this will help you out