You Can Buy The Silent Hill Domain For $10,000

Silent Hill, a renowned psychological horror franchise developed and published by Konami, has gone dark for nearly a decade. Downpour was the last installment to arrive in 2012 and since then, Konami has seemingly shelved Silent Hill for unknown reasons. That sense of abandonment will now grow even stronger among fans because the company has even forgotten to renew its domain. is now available for sale (via RelyOnHorror) at an asking price of $9,835. While companies do tend to sometimes forget renewing their domains, the surprising bit here is that the Silent Hill website expired in August. Those are more than four months that Konami has left a door open for any random stranger to waltz in and pick up the domain for their own usage.

Whether Konami has lost interest in Silent Hill or not, the company needs to still protect its brand as a developer and publisher. Hence, why the whole situation is pretty odd. The Silent Hill domain remains available for purchase at the time of writing. It wouldn’t be surprising to see someone from the community pick up the domain and sell it back to Konami down the road at a bloated price. Should that happen, it would be Konami’s own doing.

Silent Hill has received eight main installments to date. Konami also did plenty of spin-offs in-between, as well as re-releases in high definition before signing off. When everything looked bleak, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima himself stepped forward to drop a surprising announcement in 2014 for Silent Hills.

It was supposed to be the ninth main installment in the franchise and involved filmmaker Guillermo del Toro as well as actor Norman Reedus. However, the project was soon cancelled by Konami, a move that was met with severe criticism by fans. Adding insult to injury, Konami even removed the free-to-play demo P.T. (Playable Teaser) from the PlayStation Store. It was around the same time that Kojima and Konami decided to walk their separate ways.

Under Kojima Productions, the famed director reunited with del Toro and Reedus for Death Stranding. Silent Hills is still a topic that fans often touch but with Konami holding the license to the franchise, it’s unlikely that the project will ever be resuscitated. In the meantime, no one knows what Konami is currently planning. A new Silent Hill installment for next-generation platforms would serve the company well. That is unless Konami no longer finds the brand profitable.