How to Capture Enemies in Phoenix Point

The research projects that are available to you in Phoenix Point have to be unlocked by capturing the right kind of Pandoran specimen. This is where a lot of players get stuck as the instructions are unclear about how to do that. Also, this is not an easy task which is why it takes a lot of time to understand. To help you with that problem, we have summed up a guide to teach you How to Capture Enemies in Phoenix Point and take you through the method of capturing the enemy, the tactics and tools used for it.

How to Capture Enemies in Phoenix Point

You have to capture live Pandorans for your study and for this, you have to choose a correct enemy.

Once you capture the enemy, you paralyze him by using the right type of weapon which gives them paralysis damage. You have to complete the mission in order for the enemies to be captured and get sent to the base.

Now what you have to do is get the correct weapon, as said above, to paralyze the enemy. That weapon is called Neurazer.

You will be unlocking this weapon at the beginning of your game. This melee weapon is perfect to deal paralysis damage to the enemies. The stats of the paralysis damage with each strike reach up to 8.

At the beginning of Phoenix Point, you will have to defend a faction haven from Pandorans.

Later on, you have to destroy their nest and then have to do research technology Pandoran Colonies.

You will unlock Neurazer when you research the technology Pandoran Capture and Containment.

Once you have given a creature enough paralysis damage that it surpasses the creature’s Strength value, you have successfully paralyzed the creature.

Paralyzes damage is compared with the creature’s Strength value. Paralysis decreases one point after each turn so you have to restrike the enemy.

Don’t overdo it as it might kill the enemy which is going to take all your hard work down the drain.

To safely capture the enemy, you can use Neurazer with the Dash ability which saves your four action points. This method gives you four strikes to use on the enemy and these are enough to paralyze him easily.

Now that you have captured the enemy, you need something to contain it. For this, you have your Phoenix bases where you have to build the containment structures, with the resources you have, and now you have a place to put the captured enemies.

The containment structure is going to provide you with fifty slots.

The size of your enemy will decide the number of slots it is going to take. Some enemies might take one slot only but the other might cover more than one.

Click on the Containment tab to view your Personnel screen and you can keep an eye on your captured enemies and number of slots through this.