Halo Reach Nightfall Legendary Guide

In this guide, we will be discussing the complete walkthrough of mission 4 called Nightfall in Halo Reach MCC. We would be utilizing a speedrun glitch which will tend to make our lives much easier and in case you prefer the normal method of completing this mission then the next line will help you through that. Read on for the complete Halo Reach Nightfall Legendary guide.

For the normal route of this mission in Halo Reach PC, the walkthrough is linear and all you have to do is complete one battle after the other and your mission will be completed.

In case you haven’t done the assassination for That’s a Knife achievement, take note that the first enemy in this mission will be facing the other way so you can take him out.

Halo Reach Nightfall Legendary

When you have taken out the elite go up the hill and find sleeping grunts there. Punch them so that they don’t wake up from that sleep ever. There is a ledge forward that you need to drop down off.

There will be buildings ahead on the right and a cliff on the left. Now, before moving forward clear the area from the all the enemies because you have to run past this place as fast as you can.

You can avoid the fighting if you stick to the right side and jump on the balcony of the first building here.

The balcony will bend towards the left side and there will be door there that will lead to a stairway that will take you down to some sleeping grunts.

Turn right for the exit and use the wall around the corner as cover. There would be some awake grunts here as well and they will spot you.

Keep right and continue going at this path and arrive at the building to your left at the end.

Get to the far end of the room fast near the stairs and then there will be a checkpoint near stairs.

You would be able to skip the enemies here so you would need to fight.

Go up the stairs and keep right but do not hug the wall and throw a grenade towards the grunts that you encounter. This will scatter them and you would be able to sprint.

There is a possibility that you take a lot of fire and die at this point but it’s worth the effort if you make it out alive.

When you are inside the building it might be a good idea to recharge your shields behind the cover of a pillar and then sprint afterward.

You will find a health pack on the wall across a doorway on the right which will take you to a set of stairs that you shouldn’t go up yet.

Take the exit ahead and get to the right wall after jumping over the railing and then sprint out of the area.

Be sure to keep your shield up as there will be a trio of enemies around the corner.

When you are past them then the legendary difficulty mission is almost complete due to the speedrun glitch. All you need is to continue forward through the valley.

There will be a large open gate at the end of the valley. Keep left this time and you will be able to see a covered bridge on the right.

You would be able to jump up onto the upper area and then drop down over the far side which would skip the area for you.

Keep moving forward through the valley and you will come to another large area. Keep left until you get to a bridge with an Elite and some sleeping Grunts.

Assassinate the Elite from behind so that the Grunts stay asleep and then walk to a yellow forklift up ahead.

Even if the Grunts wake up punch one or two but do not stop. You will have to do the glitch with the forklift before you get swarmed. The stated objective should be ‘Neutralize Covenant Defense’.

The normal path is towards the right but you would be going straight. Get into the forklift and go forward to a large closed door.

If you turn right your side would become closest to the door and all the way up against it.

Press forward a bit and move your camera so that forklift goes out of the screen at about 30 degrees.

Get out of the vehicle and you would be on the other side of the door due to which you have skipped a big part of the mission.

Now all you have to do is sprint forward and your Nightfall mission will be completed on legendary difficulty.

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