“Biggest” Diamond Casino Heist Coming To GTA Online

Prepare to start off the holiday season by breaking into the main vault of the Diamond Casino and taking down the Duggan family in GTA Online.

In an official announcement made earlier today, Rockstar Games teased the new heist as “the biggest, most audacious, and most complex criminal operation” ever to hit Los Santos in GTA Online. Getting past security and then cracking open the vault of the Diamond Casino will not be easy. Hence, the daunting task will fall upon a group of four players who must not only get the job done in an efficient manner but also get out alive in one piece.

Rockstar Games has claimed that compared to previous heists, the Diamond Casino one will give players more ways to prepare and explore beforehand. There will be multiple paths of approach to consider, different security measures and various in-game choices. While many will be hoping to sneak in and out without anyone noticing, the GTA Online developer has cautioned that any set-up may go hideously wrong mid-mission. When that happens, players will have no choice but to pull out their weapons and finish the job the old fashioned way.

In addition, the upcoming update will allow players to convert a retro arcade business property into a new commercial venture. This will serve as a front where players can practice and rehearse the heist as much as they like. There will also be a Master Control Terminal, allowing players to manage all of their businesses from one place in GTA Online.

The Diamond Casino is a new zone that was added via the last major content update for GTA Online. Here, players can gamble, purchase luxurious penthouses, accept new missions from a cast of new characters, and more. The new heist is just part of the whole package, suggesting that the developer probably has more content incoming for the resort.

The Diamond Casino Heist is scheduled to release simultaneously for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 12, 2019. Unfortunately, the new heist update will not be adding any new vehicles like the Benefactor Schlagen GT sports car or the two-door Obey Omnis rally car.

Due to the excessive casino theme, as well as heavy microtransactions, the Diamond Casino and Resort update was actually banned in over fifty countries at launch due to prevailing gambling laws. Hence, effected players could still enter the casino but couldn’t gamble. Doing so would display an in-game message informing them so.