Castlevania Remake Rumored, Will Have Crafting Mechanics

The original Castlevania installment, released more than three decades ago, is said to be getting a complete remake by Konami.

Before heading any further, know that the rumor stems from 4chan, the anonymous platform that has proven rather unreliable in recent years. However, when looking at how everything has been slowing down in light of the holiday season, claims about a remake of the original Castlevania is as good as anything.

In either way, the authenticity of the rumor will be verified fairly soon because an announcement is said to be scheduled for The Game Awards next week. Should it come to pass, Castlevania Reawakening will be coming for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There has been no mention of a Switch version, which is surprising since the franchise has a legacy on Nintendo platforms.

Furthermore, Castlevania Reawakening will feature new mechanics, one of which will allow players to craft items. Simon Belmont will naturally be the main protagonist and will be voiced by the same actor from the Castlevania animated series on Netflix. The remake may potentially feature some of the other voice actors from the animated adaptation as well.

Konami is apparently looking to release Castlevania Reawakening digitally at launch. The publisher is said to be “testing the waters” with the remake to measure interest in the franchise. If sales are good, Konami will opt for a physical launch as well. However, if sales flop, the publisher will shelve the Castlevania brand, at least for the time being.

Castlevania was first released for the Famicom in 1986, and then on the Nintendo Entertainment System a year later. The game journeyed through more platforms in the following years, landing even on mobile devices before releasing for PC in 2022. The setting pits a family of vampire hunters against Count Dracula himself.

Many fans have attempted to remake Castlevania in their own way. Back in 2016, YouTuber and developer Dejawolfs began overhauling the game in Unreal Engine. However, Konami stepped in to halt all development by sending out a cease and desist notice. Should you be interested in knowing about the fan-remake, here’s how the game looked before it was abandoned.