Bayonetta And Vanquish Remaster Hinted At On Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has hinted at a possible upcoming Bayonetta and Vanquish remaster from Platinum Games, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Labeled to be coming out on February 2020, players might be able to get fully remastered versions of the games if the rumor turns out to actually be true.

Both Bayonetta and Vanquish received PC ports two years ago back in 2017, but now it seems that the remastering pack that the Microsoft Store is advertising will be taking the games one step beyond that and fully bringing them up to modern standards.

Along with the PC and Xbox One versions, we’ll likely also be getting Playstation 4 versions of both games, all wrapped up into a “Tenth Anniversary Bundle” to celebrate when the games released. Gamers that have it on the Xbox One X can even expect 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

Bayonetta was originally released in 2009, while Vanquish was released in 2010, so with graphics coming as far as they have in ten years both games will probably look a great deal better. Hopefully, the remastering will also include fixing up various dodgy mechanics from both games as well.

But, again, there isn’t necessarily any confirmation that the Bayonetta and Vanquish remaster is actually happening. While the listing has yet to be taken off of the Microsoft Store, even with it allegedly so close to release, the lack of an official confirmation might mean that the date is wrong. For instance, this pack popped up back in 2017 as well, and nothing came of it, so the news should be taken with a gran of salt

However, if the listing has been put up and not taken down almost immediately, it could mean that an actual announcement for the bundle is only days away, and someone just jumped the gun putting it up. Hopefully we’ll be right and Platinum will be ready to announce it within a few days.

Either way, if you’re a Platinum fan and have been wanting to play both games again, the Bayonetta and Vanquish remaster is probably just the thing you need.