Riot Games Lawsuit Comes To An End After Settlement

The Riot Games lawsuit from two female employees about alleged gender discrimination has finally come to an end. The company chose to settle with the two employees that brought the suit forward, agreeing to pay them $10 million, though the settlement has yet to be approved by a court for now.

Riot Games has been dealing with this lawsuit for roughly a year now, after various news outlets brought toxic working conditions, sexual harassment, and misogyny at Riot Games to light in a damning expose. The controversy didn’t end there, however.

As Riot attempted to do damage control, they invoked private arbitration, which forced the two employees in the suit to speak to the company’s own legal division without bringing the case to an actual trial. Riot’s actions eventually inspired a walkout among employees.

The employees held a large event outside of the building, talking about the various ways they had been negatively affected by Riot’s workplace culture. Riot has responded by having its CEO step down and undergo sensitivity training, but other than that and the Riot Games lawsuit outcome, appears to have not been truly punished.

The various male employees that are responsible for the toxic environment to begin with, for instance, are still employed at the company, which many other employees see as a lack of commitment to the rhetoric that the company used in the first place to say that they were addressing the culture.

Riot Games is working on a number of other games now as well, which include multiple League of Legends spinoffs, among which is a fighting game. Hopefully the development of these games goes smoothly, and hopefully Riot is now taking things more seriously in terms of making sure all of its employees feel welcome.

Maybe the thought of losing millions more dollars with other employee lawsuits might make them sit up and listen.