New Multiplayer Outlast Game Announced By Red Barrel Studios

Red Barrel Studios has announced a new multiplayer Outlast game today on Twitter, one that will be something of a departure from the previous two Outlast games. Outlast Trials, as it’s known, will allow either one player or multiple ones up to four to come and experience various trials together.

Outlast has been known since the original game for being extremely scary and chaotic to play, with Let’s Players quickly latching onto both games despite the very dark content that makes up their plots. With those in mind, there’s no telling what Outlast Trials will have in store.

Unlike the previous two Outlast games, which take place in the modern day, the new multiplayer Outlast game takes place in the Cold War, yet again placing people under experimentation. We don’t, however, know anything else beyond that. We’ll likely have to wait for trailers in the future.

The Facebook post from Red Barrel about Outlast Trials says that the game is still in production, but that the studio has moved away from the proof-of-concept stage to start on the game’s most important qualities: content creation, variety…and gore.

Considering that Outlast has been a single-player game for both of the entries into its series, there’s no telling what Red Barrel Studios has planned for Trials. While the games are always scary, to the point where Outlast 2 had a Kickstarter for adult diapers, a multiplayer game might require more effort.

Of course, whenever the game is ready to start getting trailers, it’s unlikely that Red Barrel Studios will let us down. Until then, however, the new multiplayer Outlast game will thankfully be kept from terrifying gamers for a while longer.

In the meantime, be sure to follow Red Barrel Studios on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the development of the game.