Rumor: Imported Nintendo Switch Systems Can’t Play Chinese Games

Nintendo Switch launches in China in a few days, bringing fan-favorite games to the east giant in partnership with Tencent. Although the news is a relief for Chinese gamers, it doesn’t come without some grey areas. According to a new rumor, the already available systems won’t be able to play games sold in China.

When Nintendo Switch officially launches in China, problems for players will arise in terms of game purchases. That is if the news that industry analysts reveal. Supposedly, the new Chinese Nintendo Switch will only play imported games offline and won’t support online functionality since the online gaming support will be in the hands of Tencent. On the other hand, imported systems won’t be able to run games published in China, which is the biggest fear for the country’s market right now.

Piers Harding-Rolls, industry analyst claims that games published in China will be cheaper although official games won’t be playable on imported consoles. T

his means that all China-exclusive games won’t be playable for those who already own a Switch in the country. While there’s not much to support this theory, it does raise suspicion over the background of this decision.

Apparently, if you’re visiting China by the time a new game releases or intend to buy yourself an exclusive title to China, you won’t be able to play it on your system. This almost looks like the Chinese edition of Nintendo Switch is a completely different console than the original. This happened with Nintendo DS in the past so it doesn’t come out of the blue. It does, however, create confusion among buyers.

While most suspect that this move is happening in order to avoid game exports for lower-priced games, it still doesn’t explain the reason why make imported games play offline in China. This makes the rumor a bit shadier than it would be initially.

For what it’s worth, the official Chinese Nintendo Switch releases on December 10th and will launch with only one title available, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. Further down the line, more Nintendo licensed games will release including Super Mario Kart Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey.