Halo Reach Skulls List

In Halo Reach, you don’t need to run around the different maps of the game searching for Skulls since they are all immediately available from the beginning. Each one provides you with different effects if you turn it on before attempting a campaign session.  We’ve prepared a Halo Reach Skulls List for you to check out before thinking about which skulls to activate for your gameplay.

Halo Reach Skulls List

Load up a game and you should get a screen with multiple tabs. Scroll to the right to the skull screen, select your skulls, press apply or accept at the bottom of the page. Then load up the mission.

If you are in the middle of a campaign mission and are about to beat said-mission, you cannot activate any skulls for the next mission. Instead, simply go back to the main menu after finishing the mission, and load the next mission again to choose the skulls. You cannot add any skulls during a mission, only at the beginning where you also chose your preferred difficulty and the time/score display.

These skulls act as Modifiers in Halo Reach that change the gameplay in interesting ways. They can either give you a boost if you are finding the game challenging to hamper you and boost your enemies to give you more of a challenge.


Black Eye Skull
This Skull ensures that player shields will not regenerate until you perform a melee or assassination attack successfully. The RT attacks of the Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer should do the trick.

Catch Skull
Enemies will throw grenades with greater speed and frequency.

Cloud Skull
The motion sensor on the HUD is disabled.

Famine Skull
50% less ammo can be dropped from weapons.

Iron Skull
Single-player death restarts the entire mission.

Mythic Skull
Doubles enemy health.

Thunderstorm Skull
Upgrades enemies so that they are harder to take down.

Tilt Skull
Damage tables are modified so that Enemy weaknesses and strengths are increased

Tough Luck Skull
Enemies will be better at dodging slower attacks, won’t flee and will always go berserk.


Blind Skull
HUD is disabled and first-person arms and weapons are invisible.

Cowbell Skull
Explosions and melee attacks will launch their targets 3x farther.

Grunt Birthday Skull
Killing Grunts with a headshot causes a harmless explosion of confetti.

IWHBYD (I Wanna Be Your Daddy) Skull
Combat dialogue rarity is reversed so that you can hear rare dialog from PC enemies.