Halo Reach New Alexandria Legendary Guide

Halo’s Master Chief collection has finally made its way to Windows. It was announced as coming to PC earlier this year, starting with Halo Reach. Halo Reach tells the story of the Noble Team, a group of Spartan supersoldiers desperately trying to protect the Earth-like colony Reach from a Covenant alien attack. In this guide, we have the complete Halo Reach New Alexandria Legendary difficulty walkthrough for you.

Halo Reach New Alexandria

After you complete the mission Exodus, you will now unlock this mission.

In this mission, you will be piloting the Hornet. You will be flying around dealing with stray Banshees while heading to a few waypoints to assist survivors in buildings.

The first waypoint is at Club Errera. Fly toward the blue waypoint.

Near the landing pad of the building, clear out the enemies around it before landing your craft. Destroy 3 anti-aircraft batteries to unlock the I Didn’t Train to Be a Pilot achievement.

After landing, head inside the building and clear the room of enemies. Swap out your Assault Rifle for a Needle Rifle if you want.

Once you move to the lower room with the Hunters, a timer starts. You don’t have to kill the Hunters.

Run down the time which after certain amount of time the switch will become active with an orange waypoint on it or you can kill the hunters to makes it easier to activate the switch once it is available.

Return outside and get back into the Hornet to head to the next waypoint.

Facing out from the landing pad at Club Errera of New Alexandria mission, look for the nearest tall building to your right, You will need to eliminate the enemies atop that building.

After you eliminate all the enemies, you will get a checkpoint and a new objective in which you will have to destroy a covenant jammer at the hospital.

Follow the waypoint to reach there.

The landing pad will be unoccupied here, so landing won’t be an issue here. Here, you will find sleeping Grunts shielded by a purple glow from a nearby floating Engineer.

Beat them down with melee kills from behind to take them out with sleepy love taps. Fight your way down to the lower portion of the building.

Make sure to take out the Engineer once everyone is awake, so he doesn’t make your life more difficult killing shielded foes.

At the bottom you will move out into a corridor having a skylight. Fight your way through this hall to reach the other end.

When you reach the opposite side, disable the jammer and swap your Sprint equipment for a Jetpack one. As you return down the hall a bunch of spec ops Elites will flood into the opposite end.

Deal with them and fight your way back up to the top of the building to exit back to your Hornet.

For the next part of the New Alexandria mission, you will be tasked with an escort job and should see a yellow waypoint. Fly over to it and begin escorting the other hornet across the area.

You’ll have to take out Banshees and AA guns atop the buildings as you go. Destroy the AA guns and defeat the banshees and after you do it, you will get a checkpoint and be done with your escort as the other Hornet will break away.

Now your task will be to assist marines who will ask for your help over the radio. The objective will update and a new waypoint will appear.

When you reach the area, clear the landing spot by eliminating the threats in the area. Now turn around and head back to the elevator that has a new orange waypoint on it.

Once upstairs, exit out into your Hornet. Fly to the waypoint at the Oni building. There will be six AA turrets atop the buildings surrounding the Oni building, which you will be tasked to destroy.

Take them out, dealing with any Banshees that interrupt the operation. Once they’re all destroyed, you’ll get a new waypoint at the VTOL pad on Olympic Tower, so head over and land to end the mission.

This will be the end of the New Alexandria mission. You will unlock the Dust and Echoes achievement.

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