Halo Reach Long Night of Solace Legendary Guide

Halo Reach, the game released on the Xbox 360 back in September 2010 is relaunching as a remastered version for Windows. The prequel to the 2001 game Halo: Combat Evolved is the first Halo title to launch on Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, which is now available on Steam and the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. Here we have our complete and detailed walkthrough for Halo Reach Long Night of Solace mission.

Halo Reach tells the story of the Noble Team, a group of Spartan supersoldiers desperately trying to protect the Earth-like colony Reach from a Covenant alien attack.

Halo Reach Long Night of Solace

After completing the mission Tip of the Spear, swap your 2nd weapon for a Plasma pistol from one of the nearby Grunts but retain your magnum. Then move ahead to the left from the beach making your way between the rocks and dodge the enemies if they start shooting at you. You will then reach the end of the beach and arrive at a building which you have to head for. Go up the rock wall until you reach the end front of the building.

Now cross to the front of the building and use EMP shot from the Plasma Pistol followed by a Magnum headshot to defeat the Elite by the entrance. Continue moving around the area dodging and picking off the enemies on the hill. Once all the threats are clear, your squad will move towards you and the door will open. Proceed through the tunnels beyond to reach the hangar doors and trigger a cut scene, after which you will be in a dogfight in space.

The dogfight in Long Night of Solace has an achievement that can only be done on Heroic or Legendary. The dogfight has 2 halves. The achievement is done in the 2nd half. The first half is a dogfight that will end after you’ve killed a specific number of enemies. Fly around following the red waypoints around the perimeter in order to locate the enemies.

Banshees are easy to kill but the Seraphs can eat you quickly especially on Legendary, so retreat if you need to recharge your shields. Barrel roll to break their lock on you when you’re taking fire. Several Phantom dropships will arrive. Once they are destroyed the rest of the enemies will flee and the 1st segment will be completed.

Now fly back to the ship waypoint to trigger the 2nd half. The Wake Up, Buttercup achievement can be unlocked here by destroying the Corvette’s engines and support craft within 3 minutes. Boost nearly straight down at the start so you can move back up and flank them from underneath the Corvette. This allows you to target the hangar and destroy most of the Banshees before they even launch. You can kill 8-10 of them in one multi-kill.

After the Banshee killings, fly out behind the ship and turn around so that you can get a shot on its thrusters at the backside. Fire volley at each one to destroy it. If you get too close, turn 180 degrees to fly out and back. It will take 2 passes to destroy them. As soon as the four thrusters are destroyed, finish the battle killing the remaining Banshees. Also, defeat the Seraphs that arrive in the same manner.

If you destroy the Corvette’s engines & escort in under 3 minutes on Heroic or Legendary, you will unlock the achievement Wake Up, Buttercup. Now fly toward the forcefield area at the center of the ship’s top to land and begin the next part of the mission on foot. You will drop down through the forcefield into a large room. Deal with all the enemies in the room to open a door on the lower level which will lead to the next waypoint.

Here you will face the Jetpack Elites. They can be quite dangerous if you lose track of them, as their Plasma Repeaters are powerful. At the end of this hall you will move into another large room. Run up the ramp to your left side and take cover there to clear this room. There’s a weapon crate near the alcove which contains Needle Rifles in it if your DMR is running low.

Using the needle rifle to take out the jetpack Elites and Grunts with body shots until the pink needles create an explosion will give you the pink ‘supercombine kill’ medal. Get 10 of these to unlock the achievement ‘a Spoonful of Blamite’.

Once all the enemies in the room are cleared, you will have an orange ‘Activate’ waypoint on top of the far-right upper platform from where you entered. This brings a bunch of Marines and opens a door on the other side of the room with a bunch of Covenant behind it. Deal with them and move through this hall and into the next room. Deal with the white Armor Lock abusing Elites in here and continue.

At the end of the hall, you will exit out to the ship’s bridge with a large hologram in the center of the room. Take a moment to examine the enemy locations and plan your strategy.

Clear the room of enemies and activate the console when the waypoint appears. Fight out of the room and back through the ship’s halls until you reach a large room where Marines are already fighting the Covenant. Defend the Pelican from waves of Covenant in this room to end the mission. A last wave is a group of white Elite Ultras which will be very hard to defeat. Make sure to stay moving around the perimeter behind cover and use EMP + headshot combos to pick them off.

This will be the end of the Halo Reach Long Night of Solace mission. It will net you the achievement ‘You Flew Pretty Good’

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