Control Was Developed In Just 3 Years With €30 Million Budget

Control has amassed numerous accolades and admirations in the past few months, and is even pegged to become game of the year at The Game Awards next week. However, being a new intellectual property and that too from Remedy Entertainment, a name that fans mostly relate with a highly-wished Alan Wake sequel, Control was always going to carry certain risks. That gamble, and a big one at that, has paid off as far as the developer and publisher are concerned.

Speaking with GamesIndustry in a recent interview, Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala revealed that Control was developed within only three years with a development budget of less than €30 million, much lower than what the average cost usually comes out to be for triple-a projects these days.

Hence, even though Control never topped the charts at launch, factoring in the low development cost with steady sales have put Remedy Entertainment in a good position. Virtala added that Control isn’t the kind of game that requires “huge lifetime numbers” as is the case with many other games that were developed using massive budgets. As such, Control “continues to sell well” and its upcoming paid content is expected to further boost sales in the long run.

What Remedy Entertainment wanted dearly was not to establish huge sales numbers at launch but to establish a new brand, which the developer has succeeded in. The buzz throughout the months has helped Control balance itself as a new contender in the market. That recognition is also something that has helped the game continue to sell, months after its release.

Strategically, it has been highly important that we have succeeded in establishing a new brand. In our industry, this is very challenging: new games come every now and then, but very few break through and become something special. It is of course still very early days, but Control is showing good signs of establishing itself and having a growing fan base.

Virtala also pointed out another important feat that Remedy Entertainment achieved through Control. The tighter budget and schedule helped improve the developer’s underlying technology, which in turn helped in making various processes quicker and more efficient. In other words, Remedy Entertainment is all set to use that experience in future projects.

Just last month, creative director Sam Lake teased something new to be in the works. While many lined up in the hopes of seeing a sequel for Alan Wake, the new game being a sequel to Quantum Break on next-generation platforms looks to be more probable. Lake noted last year that he still wants to make another Alan Wake but the bar is much higher now than it was when the original was released. There are also other things keeping Remedy Entertainment from tackling the psychological horror franchise.

Control, a fabulous storytelling experience, is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.