PS5 Preorder Notifications Sent Out By Retailers

If you’ve been looking forward to pre-ordering either of the two new consoles that will be making up this next console generation, then the PS5 preorder notifications recently sent out might be right up your alley. While not actually available for pre-order yet, you can still be notified when the PS5 is.

The Playstation 5 isn’t actually available for preorder yet (and likely won’t be for several more months) because it hasn’t even been officially announced yet. While various leaks and hints have basically made its existence common knowledge, the Playstation 5 hasn’t even gotten a reveal event yet.

We can apparently expect that to happen sometime in February, and after that is likely when those PS5 preorder notifications will actually turn into preorders for when the console launches at the end of 2020. However, that’s still a long time off.

There’s been a significant amount of various speculation and other hints dropped about the Playstation 5 even before then though, so who knows how much new information we’ll actually be getting at that event. These reveals include things like every Playstation 4 game being playable on the PS5, the console’s controller, its specs, and more.

The actual announcement event will likely show off all of these and give us confirmed information for all of them, and we may even get a few sneak peeks of how games play on the console. We might even have some new games announced as launch titles.

If the event actually does take place in February and the rumors are true, Sony will have a year to drum up hype for the console, but also a year to make mistakes that cause dominance to once again swap between it and the Xbox, which is also unveiling a new console this year.

Either way, if you’re interested in getting one of the PS5 preorder notifications for yourself, look around at your local retailers to see which one might be able to give you the heads-up when the console actually goes up for pre-order.