Pokemon Sword and Shield EXP Candy Farming Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield requires you to level up your Pokemon in order to make them stronger and tougher. When you level up your Pokemon, they learn new moves with increased stats. When specific Pokemon has reached a certain level, evolution takes place in that Pokemon which makes it an even stronger Pokemon. However, battles aren’t the only way to level up which is why this Pokemon Sword and Shield EXP Candy farming guide will help you farm these items to grant your Pokemon EXP without fighting.

Pokemon Sword and Shield EXP Candy Farming

Pokemon Sword and Shield feature EXP Candy which is an item that rewards the Pokemon with EXP points on using it. The candy is very common and comes in different sizes. The larger the size, the more EXP points you get.

Below are the EXP candy sizes and the experience points the Pokemon avails on using that candy.

  • XS: +100 exp
  • S: +800 exp
  • M: +3,000 exp
  • L: +10,000 exp
  • XL: +30,000 exp

Where to use the EXP Candy
The Pokemon which are on a lower level can be leveled up more quickly when you use EXP candy on them so consider it as your first option.

Similarly, the Pokemon that you have traded is going to gain more EXP points in comparison to the Pokemon you have caught or bred.

How to farm EXP Candy
To get EXP candy, you can participate in the Max Raid Battles where you are going to get a lot of it but the size of the candy is going to be completely random.

The size of the candy depends on the difficulty level of the raid. You can participate in the battles just so you can farm some EXP candy.

Another way to farm these candies is to interact with the NPCs. In the Wild Area, you come across an NPC who can give you the candy. If you have Watts then you can exchange them for some EXP candy.

Of course, this requires you to have Watts which is a hassle in itself so going for the Max Raid Battles is much safer as there is a better chance to farm larger size candies there.

One more way to farm the candies is by going to the Battle Cafe. There is a man at the counter of the Cafe with whom you can fight and upon defeating the man, you are rewarded with an item.

It is not necessary that you are going to get the EXP candy as a reward but there is always a chance. You can only fight the man once per day so hope for the best.

Hyper Training
Using the EXP candy on your Pokemon is going to level it up. Your purpose is to get your Pokemon to reach level 100 which is going to open it to Hyper Training. You can max out the IVs of the Pokemon with Hyper Training.