No Halo On Playstation 4 Because It Wouldn’t Be The “Full Xbox Experience”

Phil Spencer recently went on record talking about why Playstation 4 players wouldn’t be seeing Halo on Playstation 4, despite the Halo: Master Chief Collection releasing today on the PC. Spencer’s reasoning was that it wouldn’t be able to deliver the full Xbox experience, though that’s not as lame of an excuse as it sounds.

Cross-platform play has been a bit of a sore spot for many, especially in previous years with Sony refusing to allow it and explained it with lame excuses like “games play best on the Playstation 4” and “we’re protecting the younger portion of our userbase.”

Spencer’s reasoning behind not putting Halo on Playstation 4 is because all of the Xbox’s other best-regarded games aren’t also available to be put on the console. While various Xbox games such as Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, and Minecraft, all games that were originally PC-exclusive or Xbox-exclusive, have been added, they’re not very much compared to the Xbox’s full catalogue.

While the Xbox One has been seriously lagging behind the Playstation 4 ever since it came out due to a lack of exclusives, the console has had its fair share of hits, and Microsoft isn’t adverse to allowing one of its most popular franchises to come to the Playstation 4 if there’s enough demand.

Various other Xbox exclusive games like the Gears of War series, the Forza franchise, Sea of Thieves, and more, have all found a sizable amount of popularity on just the console. In Spencer’s mind, however, allowing them to come to the Playstation 4 alongside Halo could be a big boon for all of them.

The possibility of every game on the Xbox One coming to the Playstation 4 is also tied to the cross-platform debate in a way, as many people would want cross-platform play so that they don’t have to buy multiple consoles to play all of their favorite titles.

Hopefully that becomes a reality sometime in the future, but until then, we won’t be seeing Halo on Playstation 4 any time soon. You can, however, play it on PC today.