Crytek Interview: The Future of Hunt: Showdown, CRYENGINE and More

It’s been a while since we last heard of Hunt: Showdown, the horror shooter is still going strong though. Crytek is working on new content for the game as well as optimization patches that will ensure that its playerbase won’t only remain into the game but it can flourish too. Recently, we had a chance to talk with Fatih Oezbayram, producer at Crytek and Gabriel Yakir Ketteler, brand manager for the CRYENGINE.

Crytek intends to keep supporting Hunt: Showdown both in terms of performance and new content. Oezbayram revealed that the team will release a third map for the game, as well as eliminate the connectivity and crashing issues that are currently present in-game.

To top that, Ketteler talked about what the next steps for the CRYENGINE are, making clear that the engine is getting new features frequently, after the introduction of a ray-tracing functionality. This will make the CRYENGINE even more powerful when the next generation of platforms become the next standard. Here’s the full interview with the Hunt: Showdown studio:

Q: I was going through Reddit and I came across this brilliant suggestion from a fan that I would like to share with you. Don’t you think there is a missed opportunity when it comes to naming the two game modes? Why not rename the bounty hunt mode to “Hunt” and the quickplay to “Showdown.”?

Fatih: Thank you! We receive a lot of feedback and try to keep up with all community requests. Throughout Early Access, we have been able to add the Quickplay mode, a new map, a new boss, and many other things we received Community requests for. Now that Hunt has been released on PC and Xbox (PlayStation is coming soon) we’ll keep adding new features and content on a regular basis.

There really is no shortage of ideas and requests from our community, and on top of that, we also have lots of our own ideas for Hunt, too. Renaming the modes is an interesting proposition but we feel that Bounty Hunt and Quickplay do the job well, and new players can easily understand what they are about. Instead of renaming them, we think it’s best to focus on improving Hunt in other areas.

Q: Are you guys planning to improve servers for Hunt? There are many complaints about crashing and disconnections.

Fatih: Yes, we’re constantly working on issues like disconnects and crashes, and as of last week we were able to reduce them significantly. There still are some other areas we’d like to improve – for example, our service stability and performance — and we will continue to work on them.

Q: It goes without saying that this game needs a new map. It is exciting to even think about what it could be based on. Any hints for us? I would love the Stranger Things map, won’t you?

Fatih: We’d love a third map, and it’s still on our development roadmap. We have some really cool initial ideas for it and have received lots of feedback, but I’m afraid it’s still too early to drop any hints.

Q: Next-gen consoles are around the corner and you guys are known for creating demanding, visually impressive games. As a developer, what do you need from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett to deliver the kind of games you make?

Fatih: We love new technology and the possibilities that it opens up. In general, we are always happy to get more powerful hardware in order to see what we can achieve with it.

Q: Let’s talk about The Climb. How were the results (sales-wise) with the initial release and what do you expect with the sales numbers on Oculus Quest?

Fatih: We’re very much looking forward to bringing The Climb to Oculus Quest on December 3rd and hope it will be received as well as the original Rift version.

Q: Are there any new features for The Climb on Oculus Quest?

Fatih: Quest Players will get the same set of features as the original The Climb on Rift. With no cables attached, players can stand up and move freely far more easily, and the overall experience feels as immersive on Quest as it does on Rift. We are very proud of this technical achievement and can’t wait for The Climb to become available for Quest.

Q: Are you guys working on any other VR Project?

Fatih: No, we are currently focusing on the development of Hunt: Showdown.

Q: Let’s talk about Cryengine a bit. Do you think the engine is ready for the next-generation; features and accessibility wise? What are the future plans for Cryengine in terms of improvements? Are you guys working on anything new?

Gabriel: Our biggest update is definitely our hardware- an API agnostic ray tracing feature that we just released as a benchmark demo. This is a game-changer as CRYENGINE games will be able to showcase hyper-realistic graphics and lighting while still running very smoothly on any contemporary GPU – not just RT core-enabled cards. We are also looking at overhauling our animation system, Mannequin, which will make for a smoother and more cost-efficient workflow. And last but not least we are implementing a new core feature: an entity-based visual scripting solution that will empower development teams of all sizes to prototype and iterate quickly on their level- and game design in CRYENGINE. We are confident to offer a powerful and very accessible full development tool suite to our developers.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re interested in what’s coming next for the game, make sure to check out its roadmap. As for The Climb, you can play it exclusively on PC with the use of an Oculus VR.