The Legend of Bum-Bo Update 1.0.7 Patch Notes – Steam Cloud Support Added And Bug Fixes

The Legend of Bum-Bo has received Update 1.0.7. You can now download Update 1.0.7 for The Legend of Bum-Bo on PC. You will find that Patch 1.0.7 of The Legend of Bum-Bo has quite a few new additions, like Steam Cloud Support, a few new sounds, and more. Update 1.0.7 also has fixes to a few bugs and some balance improvements to make the game even better.

The Legend of Bum-bo is the prequel of The Binding of Isaac and the commitment to the combination of puzzles with randomly generated content. It offers more than 100 unique objects that can be modified and improved, four playable characters each with unique abilities, 10 bosses, 30 enemies, unlockables and Ridiculon music. Below you will find the complete list of The Legend of Bum-Bo patch notes.

  • Damage up needle now effects Bum-bo the Deads attack spells.
  • Looping around the board and canceling a move now works.
  • Sinus infection bugs on flipping enemies and bosses fixed.
  • Fixed bug with egg beater that causes a crash.
  • Fixed and readded Price tag spell.
  • Fixed and readded metronome spell.
  • Fixed visual bug on death screen showing game time as a giant number.
  • Fixed needle cancel visual bug.
  • The game shouldnt hang if not logged into steam anymore.
  • Mirror haunt bug fixed!
  • Flippers now have resistance icons.
  • Fixed bug that caused leapers to not spawn from Tado kids.
  • Fixed menu soft lock in casino.


  • 9 volt exploit removed.
  • rainbow bag reworked to reroll items into items of the same type.
  • egg beater now rerolls your current mana instead of the board.
  • bosses at 0 health now die the moment they hit 0 instead of at the end of their turn.
  • blind status effect now causes the enemy to damage itself if it misses and has a higher chance of missing.
  • Bum-bo the Stout now starts with a soul heart!
  • Bum-bo the Stout now gains +1 more mana with each tile combo made.
  • Needles prices slightly raised in The Legend of Bum-Bo.
  • HP in casino now costs 2 coins (and 4 on everythings terrible)
  • Mirror Haunt reworked to act more like Shy gals.
  • Bum-bo the weirds puzzle flick spell now rounds down its damage when counting tiles removed.

New Additions:

  • Steam Cloud support added for The Legend of Bum-Bo!
  • Added ability to skip intro credits.
  • you can now hold R t restart your run.
  • added the ability to pass on items in treasure rooms when full.
  • new sounds for usable items
  • new sounds for unlocks, enemy mana drain, enemy spawn and more.

With this update we should be clear on all major bugs (that we know of) and only have a small list of visual bugs to go. If you run into any soft locks at all with this update please report them on twitter or in the forums.

From here on out the devs will be focusing on doing weekly updates. Outside of more bug fixes, they plan on working on re-balancing items and bosses you felt sucked, so its a buff to the most commonly passed items, and easiest bosses. They also have a bunch of new SFX that they will be adding and they will be doing a polish pass on the most requested visual improvements.

Thanks again for all the support, we have a few things planned for the new year and will def be doing a dlc next year for sure. We should also announce our console plans soon as well.

I remind you that Edmund McMillen’s The Legend of Bum-Bo released on November 12, 2019 for PC (Steam).