The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Update 1.13 Patch Notes – Various Bug Fixes

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan has received Update 1.13. You can now download Update 1.13 for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The download and install size of Update 1.13 will be 759 MB. Please take note that depending on the platform you are using, the size of the download may also be different.

You will find that Update 1.13 is quite small and only fixes a few unknown bugs. There are unfortunately no more detailed information released for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan by Supermassive Games as of yet.

This is the first chapter of an ambitious saga and anthology of terror developed by Supermassive entitled Dark Pictures Anthology. In this way, the creators of Until Dawn, will continue to offer us adventures through interactive storytelling and the third-party horror adventure, telling us many stories framed in the most varied genres of horror, suspense and thriller.

In The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, players put themselves in the shoes of five protagonists, and from the different perspective of each of them, exploring the remains of a sunken ship from World War II. Below you will find the complete list of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan patch notes.

  • Various bugs have been fixed.

As part of a special update and, on the occasion of the holiday season, Supermassive Games announced an offer that will run from now until December 3 (beginning of January on PC), which will allow anyone who has the game, give a companion a Friend Pass that will let both enjoy a full game of Shared Story mode without the guest having the full version of the game.

Also, the Curator’s Cut pre-order bonus will now be available to all players. It is an alternative mode of the game with different scenes and characters, new options, new decisions and new consequences. Thie Friend Pass announcement was made on the game’s official Twitter account.

Take note that both players require a subscription to PS Plus or Xbox LIVE Gold to enjoy the shared Story mode and it is necessary to have the latest version.

Once you use your friend pass, it will be spent and no longer available.

I remind you that Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan released on August 30, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.