Planet Coaster Update 1.13.2 Patch Notes – General And Scenario Editor Fixes

Planet Coaster has received Update 1.13.2. You can now download Update 1.13.2 for Planet Coaster on PC. You will find that Update 1.13.2 of Planet Coaster is quite a small update as there are only four confirmed fixes. Update 1.13.2 has a few general fixes and some fixes to the scenario editor to make the game even better.

Planet Coaster is a management and construction simulator of amusement parks. In the game we can design attractions and roller coasters that will decorate and serve as an axis to our park, as well as modify the terrain at our will to create more spectacular environments. In addition, Planet Coaster allows you to share creations and offers very complete management tools. Below you will find the complete list of Planet Coaster patch notes.

General Fixes

  • Fixed crash for when repeatedly deleting Track pieces
  • Fixed crash for when deleting an advert in a Park which contains a large number of adverts

Scenario Editor Fixes

  • Fixed crash when selecting a research preset
  • Fixed crash when selecting a ride research option from the middle of a chain and moving it to unresearchable

Frontier Developments has announced that their game will debut on PS4 and Xbox One next summer of 2020 as Planet Coaster: Console Edition. The announcement comes after having won the affection of fans of the genre on PC, and accompanied this announcement with a trailer that you can see below.

These new console versions will also benefit from the continuous development that the game has had since its original launch on PC, in 2016. In this way, players will find on the PS4 and Xbox One everything that can be found in the PC version, as indicated by Frontier in their press release.

I remind you that Frontier Developments’ Planet Coaster released on November 17, 2016 for PC (Steam).