Dontnod Game Politics Will Be Showing Up More Often

Dontnod Entertainment has said that with the end of Season 2 of Life Is Strange 2, that politics will be showing up in more of their games in the future. A statement from the company said that their emphasis on upcoming seasons is “education” in terms of Dontnod game politics, which can be seen through Life is Strange 2.

Life is Strange 2 tells the story of two boys on the run when the younger of the two starts to develop strange powers. The entire story is kicked off, however, when a white police officer shoots the boys’ immigrant father without provocation, killing him.

In a political climate filled with various police shootings with little cause, the moment can hit home hard, especially for gamers of color. This isn’t the first time Dontnod has been political, either; the previous Life is Strange game also included a number of hard-hitting, if less overtly political, issues.

These issues covered as a part of Dontnod game politics included things like suicide, emotional abuse, bullying, and drug abuse, though they took a backseat to the game’s overall plot of Max Caulfield and her own time-rewinding powers that helped her to avert a crisis in her town of Arcadia Bay.

While Life is Strange 2 has yet to find out what the plot actually is and whether or not it’s on the same scale as the first Life is Strange, the various happenings to the two brothers and how people react to them is just as much in focus as the younger brother’s developing powers.

Dontnod game politics also made their way into the prequel game to Life is Strange 2, which also dealt with divorce, alcoholism, and both of their effects on children, along with tying into Life is Strange 2 to begin with.

Wherever the Dontnod game politics will go from here remains to be seen, but we can likely expect issues like what they’ve covered, and more like them, in future Dontnod games.