Everwild Size Will Be As Big As Sea Of Thieves

Back at XO19, Rare Studios unveiled its newest game to the Xbox gaming crowd alongside other studios like Obsidian. That game, Everwild, promises to be a beautiful successor to Sea of Thieves. However, according to the devs this won’t be a smaller game: the Everwild size is just as big.

While we don’t really know that much about Everwild right now, we do know that it will take players into a magical wilderness full of interesting and beautiful creatures of all shapes and sizes. We can likely expect more information at other gaming events like E3.

Sea of Thieves has managed to keep itself going despite its divisive debut on the Xbox One and PC, but the game is enormous and beautifully done despite all of the issues that have popped up since its launch. Rare has another, equally large team working on Everwild.

Since the Everwild size is just as big as Sea of Thieves, if not bigger, it’s likely that the secondary team working on Everwild will grow in the future as Rare gets closer to releasing it. Hopefully, that increased team size will be used to make sure Everwild has a better debut.

Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft has said that Rare does not intend to make a bunch of small teams for a bunch of small games, so even if the Everwild team is smaller so far, that doesn’t make Everwild less important.

Rare is continuing to update Sea of Thieves with new content monthly, but with Rare putting just as much work, if not more, into Everwild, that game will hopefully get unique content as well that will keep people playing it and being able to tell stories.

Currently there’s no release date for Everwild, but if the Everwild size really is as big as Sea of Thieves’s world is, it might be a few more years before we get it.