The Successful Streamer Ninja Already Has His Own Comic

If we talk about the world of entertainment in terms of opportunities and business, it is clear that trends should be maximized when they are favorable. In the case of streamers like Ninja, there is no doubt that there is a great moment, and that is why various personalities enter other sectors.

In this case, the renowned streamer Ninja has taken a new step with the upcoming debut of his first comic. According to Polygon, the successful streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, will have a comic inspired by him as a streaming personality, where he will be turned into a character similar to a superhero.

The comic, called Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game, was written by Justin Jordan, while art was carried out by Felipe MagaƱa in what is the first issue of a series starring the streamer, who oversaw the project.

According to the description of Ninja’s comic, the adventure begins after Ninja and his friends receive a mysterious package after a session in the world’s most famous Battle Royale. As soon as they open it, they discover a control that immediately transports them to the game in the middle of the battle, so Ninja must survive, win and save his friends and even the world.

Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game is on sale in Amazon USA and will go on sale next December 3 at a price of $15.29 in paperback and $9.99 in a digital version.


In other news, Fortnite has received a lot of news in recent weeks. One of the improvements that was well received by most players were the bots. However, another part of the community, including professional players, are not so happy with this addition. One of them is Ninja. The famous streamer lashed out at the Battle Royale bots during a game.

In addition, he asked Epic Games to remove them completely from the game. It all started during a game that Ninja broadcast on Mixer. Ninja did his best to end one of his enemies; however, a bot distracted him from his true opponent, which caused his elimination from the game. This angered Ninja, who then lashed out at the bots and their unnecessary presence in the game.

The streamer stated that it was one of the “most annoying experiences” he has had in the title. Ninja complained in the name of the professional community, because he believes that bots are a tool that does not work for players of his level. Below I leave the video that shows the reaction of the streamer.

Ninja’s statements have generated a bit of controversy, as it is a fact that bots exist to teach the less experienced the basic mechanics of the game. The truth is that its reception between professionals and streamers has been divided. At the time of writing this, Epic Games has not said anything about it, so we do not know if they plan any type of adjustment for the bots.