Pokemon Sword and Shield Last Battle With Hop Guide

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will find many Trainers who will challenge you in fights for bragging rights. If you defeat them, you will get rewards from them. One such Pokemon Trainer is Hop. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Last Battle With Hop guide will help you with your last encounter with him and defeat him in battle.

Hop is actually your best friend and will start the adventure with you and he also wants to become a Champion just like his older brother, Leon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Last Battle With Hop

As you progress through Sword and Shield, you will finally arrive at the final battle, where you will face Hop for one last time and fight for who becomes a champion. In this guide, we have detail information for you on this one last battle with Hop!

Pokemon Type and Level Weakness
Pinchurchin Electric. Level 68. Ground
Dubwool Normal. Level 69. Fighting
Snorlax Normal. Level 70. Fighting
Corviknight Flying. Level 69. Rock/Electric/Ice
Rillaboom Grass. Level 70. Poison/Flying/Ice/Fire/Bug
Cinderace Fire. Level 70. Rock/Ground/Water
Inteleon Water. Level 70. Grass/Electric
Zacian (Pokemon Shield Only) Fairy/Steel. Level 70. Ground/Fire
Zamazenta(Pokemon Sword Only) Fighting/Steel. Level 70. Ground/Fire/Fighting

Recommended Pokemon against Hop
For the one last fight against Hop, following lineup of Pokemon is recommended:

  • Zamazenta(Pokemon Sword Only)
  • Zacian (Pokemon Shield Only)
  • Eternatus
  • Ninetales
  • Rhyperior

Tips for Last Battle against Hop
This battle with Hop will be the concluding fight of the game. Hop’s team will be significantly superior than yours. He will also have legendary pokemon in his lineup. For you, we have the following tips for this last challenger fight:

Recommended Level: 70+
It will be better to go into this battle with at least level 70 Pokemon as Hop’s legendary lineup will give you a very tough time. Being 70+ level will create some level of ease for you.

Keep your Pokemon Healed
It will be very crucial to have all your pokemon healed and healthy before this last fight. Make sure you don’t send in a weakened Zacian/Zamazenta into the fight. Hop’s starter should go down easily to your starter, so try to focus on keeping your higher pokemon at high health at the start.

Focus on weaknesses of the Legendaries
Burns will cause the legendries to lose 50% of their Attack, halting their sweep. A move like Will-o-Wisp that is guaranteed to burn is the best.

Bring A Focus Sash
Equipping a Focus Sash on a Pokemon you will be using is going to weaken Zamazenta or Zacian

Someone who can burn or use Endeavor (makes your opponent’s HP equal to yours) is ideal here. Pokemon which learn Endeavor naturally include Swoobat and Reuniclus! Focus Sash can be found in Hammerlocke.

Stock Max Revives
Having a good amount of max revives on you will be key as it will help you bring your high tier pokemon back if they fall during the fight.

With the battle over, everyone involved in today’s events will show up and conclude the story. You will receive 11,200 Money and Hop’s rare league card as a reward.