Best Settings For Call of Duty Mobile Zombies

Zombies Mode is extremely fun but extremely challenging in Call of Duty Mobile. You get to team up with friends and start showing off your apocalypse survival skills on a bunch of iconic maps. However, you can make this mode less of a grind by readjusting the settings from their default state. These Best Settings For Call of Duty Mobile Zombies will help you achieve wins easily.

You may be used to the Multiplayer mode’s best settings but they’re not necessarily the best option when playing Zombies since it’s a whole different ball game. These are our recommended settings for this mode.

Best Settings For Call of Duty Mobile Zombies

Aim Assist: On (Makes aiming much quicker and easier

Fast Throw Grenades: Off

Quick Run from Prone: Disabled (In the Shi No Numa map, you’ll have to stay in prone for a few sections and disabling this setting will prevent you from standing up at the worst time)

Joystick Auto-Sprint: Enabled (You need to be able to manually control your pace in certain areas so that you can make the zombies move in particular direction before you start sprinting)

Fixed Joysticks: Disabled (Your joystick can move depending on where your thumb is positioned so it’s more forgiving for the player)

ADS: Tap to ADS

Slide While Running: Hold crouch while sprinting (helps you get into prone easier instead of accidental sliding during the flogger machine and electric trap parts)

Camera FOV: 75 (Having a wider field of view is going to help spot Zombies easier)