State Of Decay 2 Finally Gets A Steam Release Date

Steam was updated earlier today to include a new product listing for State of Decay 2 that confirms the sequel for a release on March 31, 2020. While pre-orders are yet to be opened, those who are either interested or had been waiting all this time can begin by adding the game to their wishlists.

State of Decay 2 was actually launched last year for Xbox One and PC, the latter being through the Microsoft Store where the game currently remains for $30 or $15 with Xbox Live Gold. Fans of the franchise were obviously not too pleased with Microsoft trying to promote its own distribution platform. However, since the original did land on Steam, albeit a few months after the Xbox 360 release, there was a large likelihood that the sequel would do as well.

The Steam version of State of Decay 2 is being touted as the “best-ever vision of the zombie apocalypse” and within the product description, developer Undead Labs is teasing “some wild surprises” in the coming months. There’s a bit of suggestion that State of Decay 2 on Steam might be more than just a port. The developer may perhaps be announcing some new content in the near future to commemorate the Steam release.

Undead Labs is proud to present our best-ever vision of the zombie apocalypse, coming to Steam in early 2020. Keep your eyes peeled and your weapons ready, because there are some wild surprises in the coming months. This is one apocalypse you won’t want to miss.

Compared to the original, the sequel received mixed or average reviews at launch. Many critics and players noted that State of Decay 2 was marred by a lack of depth, performance issues, and a large amount of bugs. The one thing that everyone agreed upon is that the sequel featured an incredibly satisfying combat system.

State of Decay 2 saw nearly a million players at launch, a figure that exceeded 5 million this past August. Suffice to say, the upcoming Steam release will only boost those numbers.