Sam Lake Teases New Project from Remedy Entertainment

Did you think that Remedy Entertainment would take things slow after Control and not start a new project? Apparently the studio is already working on something new. Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy teased the existence of a new game. However, it seems like it’s still early to call it a sure thing.

The news come from Twitter, where Sam Lake posted a picture of him behind a window. The description reads “Shh! I’m in my brand new top-secret writing lair I am writing a new story. You have been warned”. This confirms that Remedy Entertainment is indeed working on a new project, which is on par with what rumors wanted over the past months.

Fans were quick to hope that a sequel for Alan Wake is coming. However, a sequel for Quantum Break is also probable. Do we want a sequel though? Remedy Games has an incredible cast of enticing stories, so we’re just as excited for a new IP.

Interestingly, the tweet caught the attention of Sam Barlow, director, and writer for Her Story and Telling Lies. He too hinted at working on a new game and they bet a drink on who will finish it first. If we could vote on it we’d say Barlow will be the first since Remedy Games’ projects are usually too complicated to expand and work on in terms of plot.

A sequel for Alan Wake would be our best bet here. Last summer, Lake said that he still wants to make Alan Wake 2 but the bar is higher now than it was when the first game released.

After their view on next-generation consoles and how they will help developers bring their games to the next level, we see it as a perfect opportunity for Alan Wake 2 to make its launch.

It’s still too soon to expect an announcement for this new mystery Remedy Entertainment project. If creative writing has just started, then an announcement should be expected sometime next year and a release date of 2021 at the earliest.