Xbox Game Pass Lets Studios Make Better Games Says Xbox Head

With the video game industry evolving year by year, Xbox Game Pass is the middleman for players that like checking out games without the commitment it comes with its price tag. Over the past years, Microsoft has created a massive library of games for players to try through their service. However, behind the scenes, Xbox Game Pass is creating opportunities for studios as well.

In a recent interview with Windows Central, Xbox head Matt Booty talked about the benefits of Xbox Game Pass and its service to studios as well players.

According to him, publishing a game on Game Pass lets developers completely bypass the monetizing phase and don’t have to worry about the ways they should include payments in their titles. Smaller game studios can focus more on making their projects better and follow their vision than having to worry about supporting it long-term.

“Because Game Pass is a service itself, and it is a community itself, we don’t need the game to do all that. So when we sit down to make a game, they don’t have to think, ‘How is this game going to be an ongoing service? How do I design a game that can run for two to three years? What is the monetization method?’ Game Pass provides all that. So the game team can just focus on what is the game going to be.”

Apart from eliminating the monetization process though, Xbox Game Pass offers great commercial opportunities for studios too. If a game gets added to Game Pass, it’s easier for it to be played by players that are curious about it than take the step and buy it.

There’s a big number of players that are always up for a new adventure and, on that end, Xbox Game Pass shines at its brightest. It doesn’t come as a surprise since Game Pass owners are estimated to play 40% more games than regular gamers. Booty uses The Outer Worlds and Grounded as examples to prove that players want to eliminate the barrier between them and games:

“Game Pass just brings an audience that is able to discover these games without friction. Whether it’s a game like The Outer Worlds or a game like Grounded, those are two great examples from the same studio. If I’m in Game Pass, it’s this exact same process for me to get and play both games. And so I think I’m much more likely to try something that I might not have tried before because there’s just really no barrier to getting at it.”

Xbox Game Pass is off to a great year for 2020, with the Final Fantasy franchise, Ori and the Will of the Whisps, Halo Infinite, Wasteland 3 and more coming to the service.

For now, Microsoft is running special promotions for 3 months of Game Pass with $1 through their website.