Phil Spencer Wants Xbox Scarlett to be ‘Tier 1″ Console in Japan

XO19 last week held some surprises for Japanese fans as Microsoft is committed to bringing the best of their services to the country. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, the company wants to make Xbox Scarlett a priority in Japan and make it Tier 1 once again.

During an interview with GameWatch, Phil Spencer talked about the Japanese market and Microsoft’s commitment to it. He confirmed that Japan wasn’t the main priority for Xbox and they deem it as a mistake. This was an inevitable strategy for Xbox to succeed and the company is now ready to expand and fully deliver to the Japanese fans.

The first step towards that goal is bringing the Final Fantasy franchise, Kingdom Hearts, and Ryu Ga Gatoku to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft won’t stop there though. Here’s a rough translation of what Spencer said during his interview about the Japanese Xbox market:

Looking back at the launch of Xbox One, we learned a lot, including not having made it to Tier 1, taking too much time to launch, and making many mistakes in Japan. While other competitors were working hard on deployment, we lost valuable time. It was an unavoidable choice in the global strategy that we did not make Japan Tier 1 but that decision created a situation where you could play in other regions but not in Japan.


Phil Spencer confirms that Japan will be the first country for Xbox Scarlett to ship, establishing a connection with the market. After Sony’s success with the far east market, it’s almost inevitable for Microsoft too to switch their gears.

Japan is a powerful market when it comes to gaming. Now that Xbox is confident enough with their projects and overall performance, they can reflect it to an easter expansion. Xbox Scarlett being first shipped to Japan is one step in the right direction. Spencer claims:

 We want you to understand that we are a deep respect for Japanese game fans, and with Project Scarlett we want to make Japan the first shipping region to show that.

Xbox Scarlett is set to release sometime during next year’s holiday, with Xbox Game Pass taking a dominant role in its success. The company promises more exclusives and returning franchises to make a comeback in the console war. With XCloud releasing to compete with Google Stadia and Xbox Scarlett against Playstation 5, the future looks bright for Microsoft and its gaming focus.