Xbox One Games Make Up Densest Lineup In Years

XO19 has come and gone, giving Xbox and Microsoft fans a chance to look forward to new games that we’ll be getting in Microsoft’s premiere event outside of E3. However, while nothing was given about the capabilities of the Scarlett during the conference, a lot of Xbox One games will be coming.

Various games that were unveiled at XO19 include a new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment called Grounded (where players play shrunken kids trying to survive in a backyard) and a new Rare game called Everwild, where players get to travel through a magical wilderness filled with amazing creatures.

Those aren’t the only two, either. Microsoft Game Studios director Mike Booty has told us that we can likely expect the densest lineup of Xbox One games ever with all of the games coming up. After years of playing second fiddle to the Playstation 4 in terms of game popularity, hopefully he’s right.

Microsoft’s conference at E3 2019 did have a large number of games in it, ranging across all manner of genres, but with none that were actually labelled Xbox One exclusives. While that’s become a moot point due to Microsoft also constantly supporting the PC gaming scene, that may hurt them in the long run.

Since one of the biggest advantages that the Playstation 4 has over the Xbox One is the large number of exclusive high-quality games that it has on it, a denser lineup of games may not matter in the long run if there are no exclusives to make people want to take the Xbox One seriously.

We’ll likely be seeing more from all of the various Xbox One games that Microsoft is publishing sometime in the future, and going by Mike Booty’s words a good way into 2020, but hopefully the Xbox One Scarlett will be able to give us even more to look forward to when it comes out at the end of that year.