Sony Interactive Entertainment Wants A Days Gone Sequel

Days Gone released earlier this year to positive reviews and proved itself to be worth the wait, and apparently its success has given Sony Interactive Entertainment, its developer, the motivation to work on a sequel whenever one is put into production, though we don’t know when that might be yet.

Days Gone focused on the aftermath of a massive worldwide pandemic that left only a small number of un-infected humans alive, and ended with the startling revelation that there was a group behind the outbreak that was preparing to make a move for power.

While we don’t know where the story is going to go from there, if a Days Gone sequel is made hopefully they’ll be building on that plotline, especially since ending on a cliffhanger and never following up is something that’s sure to make people upset.

Studio boss Chris Reese has said that there’s a lot more of the Days Gone world that they want to explore, so the studio is looking forward to the possibility of developing a sequel, and to hear the opposite from them would have been surprising.

Back in June, a job offer was posted on the studio that was asking for new employees to help with a new Triple A game, so even if a Days Gone sequel hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, for all we know it might be happening right now.

However, we shouldn’t get our hopes up, especially since Days Gone had a rather tumultuous development cycle, first being unveiled at E3 2016 and going all the way up until nearly the beginning of 2019 without any sort of real release date.

Hopefully the Days Gone sequel won’t have something like that happen whenever development for it gets under way, but at the same time considering the criticism that the game also got, hopefully it will be even better than the original game.