Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones Trademarks Need Renewal

Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s take on a stand-alone pirate video game seems like a distant dream right now. Ever since its initial announcement, the game never got a legitimate confirmation that it will ever release. Last year, Ubisoft decided to push back its release to 2020. However, Skull and Bones trademarks are now up for renewal and it seems like it might never see the light of day.

Back in 2017 when Skull & Bones was first announced, it was an ambitious project that had a long way to go with its impressive mechanics and visuals. After the success of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Ubisoft wanted to take what made that game great and apply that to a new IP, in hopes of it being the next big thing in multiplayer.

However, gears have shifted since then and the game received a delay until 2020.

Checking for the Skull Bones Trademarks on US Patent and Trademark Office results in an error, raising suspicion as to whether or not the project still exists. The company has talked about it last month in a financial call saying that it will release in 2021. Apart from that, we know nothing about the state of its development.

skull and bones trademark

Over the past year, Ubisoft has released games to continue its successful franchises, most of which didn’t quite hit the mark. The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint didn’t manage to appeal to the audience as expected, making the company change their route. As a result, Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters and Rainbow Six Quarantine will be pushed back to Q2 2020.

Ubisoft isn’t having its best year and we can’t really tell whether or not pushing so many games behind will solve the problem. With no big releases coming in the next 6 months, it’s hard to say whether or not the development teams will have the resources needed to release Skull & Bones in 2 years from now. For what it’s worth, we want to see more of it and get the hype train fueled and ready to start.