Where to Find Fragile in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, there comes a point where you have to deliver some goods to Fragile. This particularly happens if you took the bomb to X and blew the city up before you had found Fragile. This guide will help you find Fragile in Death Stranding.

Find Fragile in Death Stranding

In one of the orders in episode 3 of Death Stranding, a man hands you a delivery package and claims that the package was wrongly labeled which caused a problem with the compound’s software. The system isn’t sure if the package is meant for Bridges or Fragile. You will then examine the package to know further about it.

If you take the package to the main city before finding Fragile, the package will blow the city up, because it’s a nuclear bomb, and this will end your game.

However, this isn’t a proper ending to the game and is actually a game over as you will respawn to the nearest checkpoint and will have to deliver the package again.

The save checkpoint actually triggers right before you enter South Knot City so make sure after respawning you don’t go straight in again.

If you deliver the package to South Knot City without meeting Fragile, you will fail the mission. Which is why you have to go to Fragile first.

You will find Fragile in the distribution center located southwards of Lake Knot City. Head to the delivery terminal over here, where you will have to go to your private room and rest over here. Here you will find Fragile, so go ahead and hand the package over to Fragile.

After meeting with Fragile, you have to deal with the nuke. Take it to the massive voidout crater near the city and put it in there. Best to hurry up and take your reverse trike there. Once at the crater, offload the package on to the ground and then toss it in the crater after picking it up.

Considering its a nuke, you might wanna get away to a safe distance before it blows up.

This is one example of why you shouldn’t always go the obvious route and follow the objective marker in Death Stranding as the game is filled with misdirections like these.

While the order may tell you to deliver it to the city and follow the main storyline, completing the objective actually ends up in a game over.