What Are Pokemon Sword and Shield New Abilities?

With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s new generation of Pokemon comes new abilities. Every Pokemon will have a special ability exclusive to them. These abilities will reward them with powers, a boost, similar to a perk in other games. Some of these abilities are easily obtainable from within the game, while some are exclusive to Event Pokemon found during Max Raid Battles.

In this guide, we will talk about all the new abilities available to your Pokemon as part of the 8th generation Pokemon lineup.

Pokemon Sword and Shield New Abilities

These new elements in the game, really bring about diversity and a cool element of surprise in battles. It makes fights challenging while keeping the old-school feel of Pokemon’s games completely intact.

Steam Engine
If a Pokemon happens to have this ability while being damaged with a Fire or Water type move, it will get a boost to its Speed Stat. Rolycoly has this ability.

Pastel Veil
Prevents poison effect to the Pokemon who has this ability. Having this ability will also cure the Poison stat of allied Pokemon when it enters the fight. Galarian Ponyta has this ability.

Neutralizing Gas
Nullifies all effects from enemies’ abilities and prevents any other ones from happening. Galarian Weezing has this effect.

Mirror Armor
This ability will reflect any effects that lower stats right back to your opponents. It is a Hidden Ability for Corvinights found in Max Raid Battles.

Hunger Switch
It causes Morpeko to change forms which in turns decides the type of its signature move Aura Wheel to be either Electric or Dark.

Gulp Missile
Cramorant is able to use this ability during a battle. Upon using Surf or Dive, it is reciprocated with a Gulping Form (With a fish in its mouth). Should the attack be done in a Gulping Form, it will spit the fish back at its attacker.

Cotton Down
A Pokemon having this ability, when hit by an attack, will lower the Speed Stat of the enemy Pokemon. Gossifleur and Eldegoss have this ability.

Ball Fetch
If your Pokemon has this ability, when you throw a Poke Ball at a wild Pokemon and should you fail to catch it, you will retrieve your Pokeball and it will not be wasted. Yamper has this ability.

Now that you have an idea of all the new abilities available to your Pokemon by default or learnable, you can