Shenmue III Launch Trailer Invites You To Follow The Story Of Hazuki

This month is very important for all players who are fans of Shenmue, because within a couple of days you can play the new adventure of Ryo Hazuki in Shenmue III, which will be a reality after several years of production and after almost 20 years of absence of the series.

Ys Net and Deep Silver are preparing the launch and for fans to be ready to enter their rich history. They recently shared their launch trailer. This third installment of the series will tell the story of Ryo in his search for clues about his father, Iwao, and for that he will travel to China, to the Guilin region.

But on this trip he will not be alone. On the way he will find several people who will help him, including Shenghua Ling, a girl who he had only seen in dreams. Together with other allies you will embark on tough challenges to discover more information about Iwao.

As you can see in the trailer, there are regions with exquisite landscapes, which belong to the Bailu Village. But there will also be a more populated region, Niaowu, where there will be more stores, things to find and activities to do. Although the game could appeal more to the players of the first 2 installments, it is made with the aim that all people enjoy it.

We say this because it will include a video that talks about the events of the previous titles and throughout the adventure the user can interact with some characters, who will give more information about the past. We leave you with the trailer below.

In other news, Shenmue III promises to surpass in all aspects the last 2 installments of the franchise. So, it is emerging to be the most ambitious adventure of Ryo Hazuki. To prove it, Yu Suzuki, in charge of the title, presented another new video. The trailer reveals part of the activities that we can do in our free time in Shenmue III.

In addition, the first details of the customization system are shown, which will allow us to change the outfits of the protagonist. Ryo can be entertained in various activities, such as fishing, cutting wood, training, participating in races, using the classic forklift, shopping in a variety of stores and even visiting entertainment centers with arcades.

The protagonist can use various styles of clothing, so players can have a particular style. Various colors of shirts, jackets and sports shoes are shown in the trailer. Yu Suzuki hinted that you can even unlock a kung fu suit. We leave you the video below.

Yu Suzuki says that in the game you can do things that he defines as useless. Among them is looking for objects in drawers and furniture. Thanks to this, it will be possible to know more about the game world and the universe of the franchise. With this, the development team wanted to demonstrate that ordinary things add value to the game.

I remind you that Shenmue III will debut on November 19 on PlayStation 4 and PC (via Epic Games Store).