New Playstation 5 Concept Model Makes Us Daydream

What would you like the next Playstation console to look like? Media Markt Saturn has released a Playstation 5 concept video, showing what the console body and DualShock could look like. After seeing what the dev kit looks like, this model is much closer to what we’d expect Playstation 5 to look like.

The Media Markt Playstation 5 concept model, doesn’t follow the classic look of Playstation 4. Instead, it features rounded edges and a compact look. This is possibly due to the fact that the next Sony machine will need a bigger “powerhouse”. To top that, there are big openings for fans on the sides of the console, along with hidden lighting across its body.

Although the concept console itself doesn’t seem all that exciting, the Dualshock is a sight for sore eyes. It follows the exact same style as the Dualshock 4 but with a twist. The touch feedback panel on top has been replaced with a touchscreen, giving it essential functionality.

We know for sure that Sony will be back with more news on the Playstation 5 model in the months to come. According to the official announcement, their next-gen console will release before the holiday 2020 and will be a huge upgrade to its predecessor in terms of performance.

The company intends to add backward compatibility with PS4 as well as cut all loading times. This will bring console gaming closer to the standards of the PC while keeping the prestige of exclusives and easy accessibility.

In related Playstation 5 news, Sony intends to cut the price for its upcoming console in order to bring more players to their system. We don’t know what the initial Playstation 5 price will be but after the success of Nintendo’s consoles in only two years, Sony will try to sell more units in a small amount of time so that they can focus on extending their game library with first-party titles.

Playstation 5 will launch late next year if what Sony says is true. For the time being, we should enjoy its amazing new exclusive titles, leading up to a huge upgrade when the console releases.