Halo Reach Release Date For Halo: MCC On Xbox One Changed to Today

Halo Reach has been the center of attention for all fans since Halo: The Master Chief Collection got released. Up until now, we knew that 343 Industries has set the release date for Halo Reach to December 3rd. This isn’t the case anymore since the official launch on Xbox One has changed to Today!

Today is a particularly exciting day for Xbox fans since XO19 takes place in London. Microsoft will announce new games, new additions to Xbox Game Pass and, most likely, news about Xbox Scarlett.

However, who would have known that they are holding big Halo announcements from fans. Apparently, the release date for Halo Reach in the Master Chief Collection has silently been changed today. The new release date for Microsoft’s console is November 14th, the same day as XO19.

The most possible scenario is that Microsoft changed the release date for Halo Reach under the radar just in time for XO19. This means that we should expect an official announcement during the show. More and more companies tend to follow the “available today” logic for their event appearances, keeping the hype alive after the end of the show.

It’s refreshing seeing 343 Industries keeping their promise for the release of Halo: Reach on Xbox One and PC, even with a delay for the latter.

This isn’t the only news about the franchise we hope to see during the presentation. Halo Infinite is under development right now and it’s high time we saw some of the progress the team makes on that end. Note that the first Halo Infinite trailer we saw was nothing more than an engine showcase, although it did give us some hints on the game’s settings and characters.

X019 starts today at 7 pm GMT /2 pm EST /11 am PST and will take place at the Copper Box Arena in London. After the opening ceremony,  a special Inside Xbox live stream will resume at 8 pm GMT /3 pm EST /12 pm PST.

For all people that can’t attend the show, you can catch it live on Youtube, Twitch, and Mixer.