Leaked Pokemon Sword And Shield Models Create A Wave of Discontent for Fans

Pokemon Sword and Shield are releasing in only two days, however, the nagging won’t stop when it comes to the game’s models. The developers promised that they will redo the pokemon models but will have to cut their number down to get that done in time. Now, we find out that this might not be the case.

Dataminers have found that only half of existing pokemon are in the games. In addition, their models are future-proofed ones created during the development of the previous main pokemon games. Will that affect its launch?

A few months back, developers of Pokemon Sword And Shield said that the games won’t include the full cast of species. The explanation was simple. They can’t redo the models for every pokemon, so they’ll have to cut some of them out. The statement didn’t cause any uproar at the time since we knew that we trade some older species for more immersion. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

According to Youtuber Arlo, data miners have found the in-game files for some Pokemon Sword And Shield models and the reality of Nintendo’s statement is harsh. More than half of existing pokemon have been cut from the game.

This isn’t official though since Nintendo hasn’t released a full Pokemon list for their upcoming games. A first estimation, however, wants only half of them to be present in the games. This is on par with what the developers have said then. Are all their models redone though?

During the development of the previous main Pokemon games, Nintendo has created high-end models for future pokemon to use when the needed hardware power is available. Back then, the models were incredibly detailed but were downscaled to support 3DS. All those models could benefit Sword and Shield. However, some of those models seem to be the new supposedly redone ones.

This doesn’t change the fact that a big portion of species is out of the game. They might have done better work with animating them or refining their edges but, at the end of the day, we’re getting half of what is available. Fans conceive this as a lie from GameFreak and Nintendo and they might have a good point in doing so.

Now, fans all over the world decide to boycott Pokemon Sword And Shield. This is premature on one side but completely understandable on the other. However, we shouldn’t stone a studio before we see the effort they have put into their project.

None of us has seen the game yet. As a result, we can’t know for sure how many species are in there and what their models look like. Focusing on data mining and rumors can provide some useful information for sure. However, doesn’t really define the internal state of the game or the development team.

Pokemon Sword And Shield release in 2 days on November 15th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. That’s when we’ll know exactly what the state of the game will be. Until then, let’s not jump into conclusions.