New Modern Warfare Operators Coming Soon, No Date Yet

A brace of new Modern Warfare operators are going to be coming soon, according to a newly-posted leak on Reddit. The content is still subject to change, and we have no release date for when they come out, but until then we’ll just have to wait and see when they arrive.

Modern Warfare operators are essentially the player characters in the game’s multiplayer scene, and the 13 new ones coming soon are going to be adding to the 18 different operators that are already a part of the game. Each operator comes with their own abilities and loadout, along with a different custom skin.

The various new operators coming in future content are from a variety of different factions in the game. The Jackals get Nebo and Yandi, Spetsnaz gets Kilgore, Stohli, and Trigg, Warcom gets Farah, Ghost, and Zedra, Demon Dogs get Hooper and Lynch, the SAS gets Kato and Quin, and Chimera gets Iskra.

We don’t know what abilities these various new Modern Warfare operators will have, or what their loadouts would be, but more multiplayer options coming to the game is something that any Modern Warfare can appreciate.

Many of the operators are also based on the looks of celebrities. For instance, Kato, beneath his helmet, is martial artist and actor Donnie Yen. Two of the members of South African band Die Antwoord, Ninja and Yolandi, play Nebo and another character. Football player Marshawn Lynch is also apparently part of the pack.

However, this is still leaked content, so it’s entirely possible that the new Modern Warfare operators aren’t actually played by those people at all, but are instead going to be getting new faces that will actually be part of the game. Marshawn Lynch was in Black Ops 3, but there’s no indication he’ll be in Modern Warfare.

Once again, there’s no indication about when these new operators will be coming, and all of the content is subject to change, so you’ll have to keep an eye on Modern Warfare news to see when those new operators will be coming.